SDSU investigating fraternities mentioned in leaked GroupMe

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of the fraternities under investigation following the leaked group chat from Pi Kappa Alpha

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of the fraternities under investigation following the leaked group chat from Pi Kappa Alpha

Several fraternities are now being investigated by San Diego State following a leaked GroupMe message where Associated Students presidential candidate and Interfraternity Council President Steven Plante suggested fraternity members “blackout” with him.

The GroupMe message was sent back in February and shows Plante’s message to his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and using a homophobic slur when referencing members of other fraternities.

“It’s Saturday and SAE/PhiPsi are opening so why not dick on those (homophobic slur)?” Plante said. “If exec decides to veto their decision I would love to blackout with all my fucking dawgs.”

SAE is Sigma Alpha Epsilon while Phi Psi is Phi Kappa Psi.

Plante issued a statement to The Daily Aztec, addressing his use of the homophobic slur and spending the first half of the statement suggesting any reference of drinking or partying that night was merely to encourage his own fraternity to do something.

“I can confidently and clearly confirm that the named fraternities DID NOT in any way have any event that night and I was simply trying to convey it as a motivational piece,” according to the statement.

Plante also said in his statement that nothing happened at Pike that night.

“I can also confidently confirm that my own fraternity did not have an event that night and our executive board stood firm in the decision,” according to the statement.

The school, despite Plante’s statement, is carrying out an investigation.

Student Life and Leadership said if these references to partying are true, it could mean many further repercussions.

The allegations presented, if proven, indicate serious violations of not only the student organization code of conduct, but also the November 2019 Presidential order suspending all 14 IFC-affiliated organizations.”

The investigation into greek life stacks on top of a sweeping investigation underway by SDSU following the death of freshman, Dylan Hernandez.

Hernandez was a pledge for Phi Gamma Delta, commonly known as FIJI. He attended a “big-little-reveal” there. He then became intoxicated, fell off his Tenochca bunk bed and died from injuries.

It is not known at the moment when both those investigations will be complete.