Kayla McLeod: ‘Whether it’s trees or knees, they’re still lynching us’

by Kayla McLeod

I am a Black woman in America. No justice, no peace is what the people chant in the streets. No justice, no peace are the words pounding in my head when I try to go to sleep. Why my people? Why do we have to die? All because other people can not control their prejudice and hate withinside. It hurts me deeply and sends chills down my body to watch cops and racists kill Black people as a hobby. When will it be enough? Am I supposed to just suck it up and be tough? I am traumatized to see my brothers and sisters taken out of this world in vain and the rest of us left to internalize this pain, I am stuck in this never-ending cycle and it’s driving me insane. I do not want to hear all lives matter when Black lives are the ones being systematically targeted for demise. So how do I feel as a Black Woman in America? I feel the need and responsibility to spark change. I believe that Black people must come together and organize. There needs to be a strategy, steps to take in order to put us closer to achieving our master plan. I do not have all the answers but I do know everyone has their own part to play. Protestors, people writing/ calling government officials, donating to funds, educating themselves, and much more are all helping the Black Lives Matter cause. Black people have been undergoing genocide for too long and it MUST END!  My ancestors were intellectual, resilient, and strong human beings. My ancestors built this country and this generation is not afraid to break down all the systems and institutions set in place to oppress us. In closing, I would like to leave you with this definition. The Pan-African Association defines racism as, “The belief in the ability to divide people into categories based on physical characteristics. And the belief that one’s race is innately superior to all others and therefore one has the right to rule.” I’ve learned that hate stems from a belief. Prejudice stems from a belief. So if we change the belief into something positive maybe we will start to see more love in the world. 

Kayla McLeod is the Second Vice President of San Diego State’s National Panhellenic Council, a member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority and third-year health communication major.

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