BOOB TUBE SCOOP: ‘Daze’ premieres next week

by Staff

TBS is deviating from most formulaic shows by setting the promising comedy in the 1980s while still creating universal story lines. Courtesy of TBS

By Hui Ling Tham, Staff Writer

Ever wonder how different college life was back in the ‘80s? In the upcoming one-hour comedy series from TBS, viewers will be taken back to life on an Indiana college campus in 1986.

“Glory Daze” follows the life of four freshmen as they figure out how to survive college life, from who they are and what they really want to be to the typical social issues such as dating, making new friends and roommate drama.

The comedy series features a cast of fresh faces such as Kelly Blatz (“Aaron Stone”), Callard Harris (“Sons of Anarchy”), Matt Bush (“High School”), Drew Seeley (“Freshman Father”), Hartley Sawyer (“Killian”) and Julianna Guill (“My Alibi”).

“Glory Daze” narrows in on the lives of Joel (Blatz), Eli (Bush), Jason (Seeley) and Brian (Sawyer). Joel is a typical guy who is trying to keep his focus on pre-med, but finds himself falling for a girl, Christie (Guill). Eli, on the other hand, is a virgin who is desperate to fit in. Jason is a conservative student trying to stay focused on his goals, while Brian is a baseball player struggling to embrace his talent. Together, the four students decide to rush a fraternity and so begins their journey of misadventures and unforgettable memories.

Even with all the new actors, viewers will still have a sense of familiarity with some of the characters who appear throughout the series. The cast also includes Tim Meadows from “Saturday Night Live” and “Mean Girls,” David Koechner, from “The Office” and Brad Garrett from “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

“Glory Daze” premieres on TBS next Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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