SNEAK PEEK: Fearless Records gets friendly

by Staff

Courtesy of Fearless Records

By Amanda Macias

, Staff Writer

Fearless Records has teamed with to develop quite a noteworthy lineup for their Fearless Friends Tour.  The tour is due to hit the House of Blues on Nov. 16.  Fearless Records backs a long list of great bands including Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina, Every Avenue, Artist vs. Poet and Go Radio, all of which will be playing on the tour.  The Daily Aztec got a chance to catch up with Go Radio guitarist Jason Lancaster and Every Avenue frontman Dave Strauchman to talk about the tour; here’s what they said.

The Daily Aztec: How’s the tour treating you?

Jason Lancaster: It’s a lot more of a party than a tour. But it’s been a lot of fun.

Dave Strauchman: It’s been awesome. It’s the best tour so far. It is really organized and fun and it’s cool too because we have toured with all these guys before.

DA: What can we expect from a typical Go Radio / Every Avenue show?

JL: Hopefully good music. We always put on a very high-energy show. We do a lot of four-part harmonies that you don’t normally see in a rock show; we definitely give a higher standard of music.

DS: We love to play live. We put on a good show. We might possibly have had too much to drink and end up saying stupid things. But you are bound to have a good time. Seriously, come check us out.

DA: How do you feel about being among the big names on Fearless Records’ label?

JL: It’s good to know that they have the ability to reach the audiences that they do. It’s a great indie label. It’s amazing to be backed by that.

DS: Fearless is an amazing label. Every band on it always talks really highly of it. It really is like family there. It’s really cool. They take care of their bands and it feels really good. It’s cool to be on a label which put together such a great tour with a name like ‘fearless friends’ since we are all on the same label.

DA: Take-home message of the day for the fans?

JL: Thank you to everyone who has bought our record. If you don’t have it, go get it. Come out to our show and have a good time and keep your eyes out for a new record in the near future.

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