Commentary: Student voices need to be heard

by Fabiola Morena Ruelas, Contributor

What happened at the public senate meeting was one example of how shared governance is nothing but a phrase unless it is actively demonstrated by the administration of this school. This event also allowed students to understand the importance of being present at these types of meetings. Most importantly, it has given Associated Students a reminder of the importance of true shared governance: student voices need to be heard and listened to in every meeting and discussion. 

What we can do now, as students, is to continue to show up to learn the process of these meetings, and to continue to advocate for each other.

Senate meetings consist of professors, the chair of departments, three students representing A.S and two students representing the Graduate community at SDSU. This means that the probability of you knowing someone who attends or knows about these meetings is high. I suggest you ask around: ask your professor, another student, or attend an A.S. meeting and find out how else you can get involved. Senate meetings are public, meaning anyone can attend, and the agendas are posted before the Senate’s monthly meeting on Tuesdays.

Fabiola Morena Ruelas is a sophomore studying political science. She serves as the Associated Students Lobby Corps Chair.

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