PASS THE POPCORN: Hit the snooze button

by Staff

Courtesy of Paramount

By Maggie Pehanick, Entertainment Editor

Becky (Rachel McAdams) has just been fired from her job as an assistant producer at a very early morning news show. With a less-than-supportive mother and a schedule that has her eating breakfast as the bars serve last call, Becky is in need of a 12-step program to overhaul her thoroughly unmanageable life.

Rather than mourn her drowning career, the determined Becky forges ahead and after countless résumé revisions, she is offered a position as the executive producer of “Daybreak,” a fictional morning show on the fictional network IBS. Her passion for broadcast news is evident as she vows to prove herself to the station manager, played with fantastic nonchalance by Jeff Goldblum.

Unfortunately, the downtrodden cast at “Daybreak,” has other plans. Anchorwoman Colleen (Diane Keaton) and foot-fetishizing anchorman Paul (“Modern Family’s” Ty Burrell) have little faith in their new executive producer and Becky is forced to practice saintly patience until she asserts her authority: Enter new co-anchor, veteran “serious” news reporter Mike Pomeroy (the indelible Harrison Ford).

Because of a loophole in his contract, Mike’s return to television is less voluntary and more obligatory. As the growling reporter drags his feet back to the air, much to the chagrin of screen-queen Colleen, Becky is forced to play not only the producer, but the mediator and the babysitter as well.

Directed by Roger Michell (“Notting Hill”) and written by Aline Brosh McKenna (“The Devil Wears Prada” “27 Dresses”) “Morning Glory” should be a lot more fun than it actually is. It’s somewhat rewarding to see Becky literally and figuratively let her hair down (the symbolism is nearly spoon-fed to the audience) but there is little depth to the film and the jokes seem stale upon arrival. Portions of the film, much like portions of Becky’s life, are underdeveloped. Becky’s romance with a coworker (Patrick Wilson) is weak and the last half of the movie suffers from awkward pacing and repetitive content.

Movie: Morning Glory

Directed by: Roger Michell

Release Date: Nov. 12

Grade: C-

Good for: Those who want to see Keaton rap with 50 Cent, don a sumo-wrestling outfit or nearly swallow a frog kissing it. Bad for: Those who want … a good movie.

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