Hundreds show Aztec pride for commercial

by Beth Elderkin

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Paige Nelson / Staff Photographer

Paige Nelson / Staff Photographer

Last Thursday, approximately 500 San Diego State students, faculty, alumni and sports fans gathered in front of Hepner Hall to cheer on the SDSU Aztecs for a national commercial.

The commercial was directed by Jeffrey Lamont Brown, who also directed last year’s award-winning SDSU commercial “Aztec For Life.”

“I Believe That We Will Win” was the theme of this year’s commercial. The crowd repeated the phrase as they marched along Campanile Walkway. Aztec fans, including social work senior Preston Tang, were more than willing to chant along with their fellow Aztecs in support of SDSU.

“I love SDSU. I love the community and my fellow students (and) the Aztec pride we all have here,” Tang said.

Tang, wearing a red and black Aztec basketball jersey, was joined by fans of all ages; from an infant in an SDSU onesie, to an older woman in a red velvet shirt who marched, fist held high, with a crutch under her left arm.

SDSU parent Lisa Carson was also decked out in Aztec colors, wearing her grey and red “SDSU Mom” shirt as she cheered the crowd from the sidelines: “We love SDSU,” she said. “We go to all the games.”

The fans’ devotion was not lost on men’s basketball center Brian “B.C.” Carlwell. Carlwell, who recently graduated but may continue playing for SDSU, said he was moved by how many Aztec fans showed up to help film the commercial.

“It’s amazing, just to get support from the entire student body,” he said. “We’re loving it. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Sarah White, an incoming Fall 2011 freshman, was also impressed by the crowd. White happened to be on campus finishing her student orientation and came to watch the shoot afterwards.

“I’m starting to feel the community here,” White said. “It seems like a really fun school.”

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