PASS THE POPCORN: Cher and Aguilera lead a fun, flirty musical

by Staff

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Caption Copyright Courtesy of Sony

By Morgan Denno, Staff Writer

Ali, played by Christina Aguilera, is from the middle of nowhere in Iowa, but all she wants to do is move to the big city and become a star. Sound familiar? What seems like a stale plot was thankfully revived for the highly anticipated musical of the season “Burlesque,” starring Aguilera alongside Cher. The star-studded cast consistently delivers one-liners that keep the audience laughing, despite the simple, and at times trivial, storyline. The modern and glamorous “Burlesque” incorporates all the glitter, fishnets, sequins and dance numbers reminiscent of “Chicago,” but intermixes the styles with a simpler, more fun plot.

It’s easy to forget Aguilera’s personal life as she personifies Ali, the sweet farm girl with endless amounts of determination and amazing talent. It isn’t until she lets out those first few goose bump-inducing notes that the audience remembers acting isn’t Aguilera’s foremost talent. She gracefully transitions into her character when she first stumbles into Burlesque, a club owned by sharp-tongued Tess, played by Cher, and her ex-husband Vince, a small role played by Peter Gallagher.

The movie wasn’t exactly marketed for its famous cast, but Cher is as luminous as ever and even performs a couple of songs to show she still has the legs and the voice that made her famous decades ago. Stanley Tucci’s role as Sean, Tess’s faithful and fun best friend, showcases the quick humor he has perfected

from his many supporting roles in movies such as “Julie and Julia” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” Cam Gigandet plays Jack, a Burlesque bartender by night and Ali’s roommate by day. Eric Dane plays Marcus, a man vying for Ali’s attention, while still trying to buy Burlesque from Tess and Vince. Kristen Bell plays a surprising role as Nikki, Ali’s jealous and conniving competition,  a role strikingly different from her previous sweet and innocent characters. Though their small roles will likely not gain them any awards, they each bring a lighthearted joy to their character and comedy to the storyline.

“Burlesque” is a movie everyone can enjoy. The costumes, set design and choreography dazzle; the singing and dance numbers are breathtaking and the plot will keep audiences laughing the entire way through. If “Burlesque” was a real burlesque show, people would be lining up outside every night.

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