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BLOGGERS: Meet Cody of Digitized

by Staff

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Name: Cody Franklin

Major: Public Relations

Age: 21

Twitter: @cody_franklin_

Breaking the gamer stereotype:

Video games – the favorite pastime of unwashed, lazy and overweight man-cave-dwellers, right?


The truth is video gaming is a hobby that millions of people around the world enjoy – of all shapes, sizes and shades. Take a look around next time you’re in class; chances are, a majority of the people you’re enjoying the oh-so-exciting lecture with enjoy a game of Battlefield or World of Warcraft every couple of days or so. Gaming is exploding in popularity, especially amongst college students.

So if gaming is so popular, why is it still “swept under the rug?” I’m aiming to help change just that.

With this blog, I’m setting out to help keep you all well-versed in the latest, greatest and most entertaining news and media about video games and other related info. Along the way, I hope to help break stereotypes about gamers and games themselves.

I’ve been an avid gamer since a decade ago, when I was given a Playstation 1 for Christmas, after my parents heard about all the kids playing those new-fangled “video games.” From Battlefield to Bulletstorm, from World of Warcraft to World of Goo and from Deux Ex to Diablo, I’ve played more games than I dare admit. Hopefully after reading this blog, a little bit of my passion will rub off on you, and the gaming masses can grow by one more.

Favorite Quote: “Prepare for unforeseen consequences.” – G-Man, Half Life 2

5 Favorite Video Games:

1. Planetside

2. Tabula Rasa

3. Battlefield

4. All Blizzard games

5. All Valve games

Cody Franklin is a junior and from Murrieta, California and a recent transfer from Mt. San Jacinto College. A gentleman and a scholar, some have also said “eh, he’s a pretty cool guy and he doesn’t afraid of anything”. When not found in a classroom, he can be found at the nearest wifi location refreshing Reddit for new hilarious hijinks to enjoy.

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