Having a big heart with a small wallet

by Stephanie Schauer

Courtesy of Stephanie Schauer
Dating is tough enough on its own, but in this economy it can reach a whole new level.

Based on what people see in movies, on television and read in novels, they hold this romanticized impression you have to spend a lot of money to impress someone when you’re on a date.  Simplicity, however, can go a long way.

Here are some ideas on how to win your date over while spending less.

1. Movie Time During the Day

Movie theaters offer great pricing for movie buffs who just can’t get enough. Sure, you have to get to the theater before noon, but the price is well-worth it. Theaters like Regal Entertainment Group offer tickets for $6 and Reading Cinemas at Grossmont Center charges $5.75. These prices only apply to 2D films.

2. Free Museum Tuesdays (Balboa Park)

Expand your knowledge together in a fun and beautiful atmosphere for free. Four Tuesdays out of the month are designated to free admission to certain museums like The Ruben H. Fleet Science Center and the San Diego History Museum. Free admission is typically only available to residents of San Diego County; however, students at SDSU,  and other San Diego County campuses, are included. Just be sure to bring your current student ID.  For a complete list of participating museums click here.

3. After School Shake Happy Hour

Ruby’s Diner in Mission Valley offers delicious shakes between 3 to 5 p.m. for only $2.99 (normally priced at $4.59). Who can turn down hand-made shakes like Oreo Cookie Fantasy, Banana Cream Dream and their featured shake, Cookie Dough?  Make the date even more playful by sharing one while using  their cute bendy straws.  This promotion is expected to last until November.

4. Take It Outside

Get those endorphins pumping with some fresh air and physical activity. San Diego offers many great hiking trails including the very popular Cowles Mountain on the corner of Golfcrest Drive and Navajo Road. Not only will you be feeling good, but the natural flush of an awesome workout will make you all the more appealing to your date.

Happy dating!

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