Nude student Gets Tazed and Tackled

by publicationarchive

Disoriented man roams around in Love Library By Alana Seifi, Staff WriterA nude student was tackled and tazed by campus police in LoveLibrary Wednesday night.

Campus police received a call from the convenience store that aman was undressing and kicking things in the Aztec Market, Lt. SonnyCavarlez said.

Erin Lynn, an employee of the store, said the man took off all ofhis clothes in the store, poured coffee over his head and then ranheadfirst into the window of the store.

He fell back and ran into the window for a second time, she said.

The man then left the convenience store naked and walked to thelibrary. He walked down the stairs of the Love Library dome entrance,when an off-duty officer tackled him by the neck.

Four police officers, one off-duty, tried to wrestle the man onthe ground but were not able to hold him down with their hands,Cavarlez said.

“He was fighting so hard, we had to taze him three times,”Cavarlez, who gave the order to taze the man, said.

Tazer guns, which have about 75,000 volts of electricity,temporarily render the capacity of the person by causing muscles tolock up.

“He was sweating profusely,” Cavarlez said.

The hot coffee that he poured on himself at the convenience storemade him slippery and hard to tackle, Cavarlez said after theincident.

“As I started to go toward him, he charged back away from me andtook a swing at me,” he said.

The incident occurred between the security monitors and researchcomputers on the first floor of the library.

Police initially suspected the man was on drugs, but when he wastaken to Mercy Hospital for a complete toxicology exam, the policereport showed no illicit drugs in his body, Cavarlez said.

“I’m on race,” the naked man said while lying on the ground.”Class, gender. I’m a homo,” he added.

When one of the lieutenants asked him his name, he said, “HeatherWill.” When asked where he lived, he said, “I live here. San DiegoState.”

“He told us he smoked marijuana and some other drugs. Heconsistently commented that he was a homosexual,” Cavarlez said.

English graduate student Jose Medrano was reading right in frontof the scene.

“He looked like he was out of it. Maybe he wasn’t on anything.Maybe he was just psyched for something,” he said.

The student had blood on his forehead, which police believe tohave been from him running into the glass windows at the conveniencestore.

“I just thought that was ridiculous how many times they shockedhim and how long, and how they were just talking about it right infront of him. That was very inappropriate, unprofessional to me,”marketing senior Michelle Castro said.

The report described the white male as 6 feet 1 inch tall, withdark hair and a thin build. His name is not being released because hewas not arrested.

“No criminal charges are being filed against him because he wasnot in control of his mental faculties, even though one of theofficers was hurt,” Cavarlez said.

The student’s mother told police they had a falling out, a bigargument and he was going to drop his classes. Police filed a mentalevaluation report and referred him to Counseling and PsychologicalServices.

“I just feel sorry for the person. I hope whatever problem he haswith his family or personally, that it’s going to be rectified. Thisuniversity, because he is a student, will do everything that we canto provide the help,” Cavarlez said.