‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ is both free and funky

by Erika Cueva

Courtesy of Fool’s Gold Records
Courtesy of Fool’s Gold Records

Fans of Kid Sister and free music can get the Chicago native’s latest mixtape “Kiss Kiss Kiss” gratis. But free or not, the Jan. 11 release of the rapper’s mixtape does not disappoint.

Fool’s Gold, Kid Sister’s record label, has a reputation for releasing innovative sounds, often fusing electronic music with hip-hop.

Fool’s Gold has released music by several popular artists including Kid Cudi, The Cool Kids and Chromeo. Kid Sister’s latest release has several distinct sounds, all of which are upbeat and fresh, giving a good indication that her next album will be even more danceable than her last album, “Ultraviolet.”

“Kiss Kiss Kiss” features several artists, including Gucci Mane, Nina Sky and Carte Blanche. “Gucci Rag Top,” featuring Gucci Mane, is one of the mixtape’s highlights. Kid Sister raps with authority over a solid bass track and is complemented with Gucci Mane’s slow and rhythmic rhymes.

The mixtape’s title track heads in a totally different direction than the rest of the songs on the album. “Kiss Kiss Kiss” sounds like it would be played in a Tijuana nightclub, with its fusion of reggaeton and a fast-paced echoing chorus. However, it lamentably includes more singing than rapping by the artist.

Kid Sister’s mixtape is an excellent addition to any workout playlist. “Kiss Kiss Kiss” is full of tracks that naturally induce movement by the listener. From a nod of the head to the beat, to a soundtrack for a hearty run, this mixtape is golden. It would be a shame if Kid Sister doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. Fierce, classy female rappers are a rarity.
“Kiss Kiss Kiss” can be downloaded in its entirety at foolsgoldrecs.com/kidsister.

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