A Lull rocks the Tin Can

by Courtney Rogin

Not that San Diego really needs any warmth this season, but A Lull is passing through on its winter tour to warm up the cold nights. The band is supporting its recently released album, “Confetti,” on a West Coast tour.

The band hails from Chicago and consists of five musicians: Nigel Dennis, Todd Miller, Mike Brown, Aaron Vincel and Ashwin Deepankar.

“Confetti” is a mystically complicated assortment of songs. The band’s sound blends the distinction of instruments and effects into one singular sound. The opening track, “Weapons For War,” begins with an organic mix of sounds of a bustling city that later expands into a vocal percussion. “Some Love” is a perfect gem; it seems almost impossible for only five musicians to create A Lull’s allure throughout the album.

The lyrics are just as intricate as the musical counterparts. They glide through the music on their own independent journey for the listener. With the indistinguishable differences between individual sounds, A Lull’s music defies all genres.

Supporting A Lull on tour is another complex band, Deleted Scenes. Its most recent album, “Young People’s Church of the Air,” is a mellow sonic album full of relaxing tracks such as “Bedbedbedbedbed.” Similar to the sound of Modest Mouse, Deleted Scenes paints an aggressive scene of songs all reaching out to be heard.

A Lull play this Friday at Tin Can Alehouse. Also supporting is Ravenna Woods. It is a 21 and older event and tickets are $8. Check out alull.com for more information and to download some singles.

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