FILM & FASHION ISSUE: ‘Burlesque’ has dance, drama, Cher

by Staff

Christina Aguilera stars in Screen Gems' BURLESQUE. Courtesy of Sony Pictures

By Amanda Macias, Staff Writer

Ali Rose (Christina Aguilera) is a wholesome, small-town girl looking to discover herself in the midst of the bright lights of Hollywood. After packing up and heading to the City of Angels, she stumbles upon The Burlesque Lounge, a showroom that has lost its luster, and becomes entranced by the stage and its glitz-and-glam atmosphere. She vows to one day see her name in lights and to perform on that stage.

Tess (Cher), The Burlesque Lounge’s former headline dancer and current owner, hires Ali to be a cocktail waitress in the lounge.  As Ali watches from the sidelines, she befriends the lounge’s bartender (Cam Gigandet) and a featured dancer named Georgia (Julianne Hough). Soon enough, her luck begins to change for the better. As she is given the opportunity of a lifetime at The Burlesque Lounge, she is faced with the competitive jealousy of another dancer and an unbelievably tantalizing proposal, one Ali finds difficult to consider.

Complete with a number of inventive musical routines, a star-studded cast and a juicy plot, “Burlesque” is sure to please.  The film is similar to its 1995 predecessor “Showgirls,” and what it lacks in racy nudity it makes up for in creative performance. Aguilera offers her contribution not only as an actress but also as a writer for the film’s soundtrack. Writer and Director Steven Antin pulls out all the stops with this musically inspired romantic drama, which is set to be released next month.

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Movie: Burlesque

Directed by: Steven Antin

Release Date: Nov. 24

Starring: Christina Aguilera, Cher, Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci

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