FILM & FASHION ISSUE: Mirren’s ‘Debt’ promises an intriguing mystery with depth

by Staff

By Erika Cueva, Staff Writer

Three decades after a team of Israeli Mossad national intelligence agents embarked on a secret mission to capture a Nazi war criminal, one of the former agents is forced to expose the truth behind a newly announced mystery.

“The Debt” promises to have viewers enthralled as they are introduced to a different type of dramatic Nazi thriller.

The Mossad agents’ mission begins in 1965 when agent Rachel Singer, played by Helen Mirren, accompanied by two other agents, attempts to capture a Nazi criminal by the name of Surgeon of Birkenau. The mission ended, or so they thought, when Birkenau was supposedly killed on the streets of East Berlin, Germany.

Now, a man claiming to be the infamous criminal has surfaced and Rachel is forced to go back to Eastern Europe and confront her secret head-on.

The fast-paced movie utilizes flashbacks throughout the film and as the present story unfolds, audiences find out the past may not have happened exactly as assumed.

“The Debt” is likely to generate acclaim for Director John Madden, who was nominated for an Oscar for his 1999 film, “Shakespeare in Love.” Leading lady Helen Mirren has been nominated by the Academy four times, winning for her role as the titular character in 2006’s “The Queen.”

Meanwhile, Sam Worthington, now washed of his blue exterior from last year’s biggest hit “Avatar,” will be playing a young version of Tom Wilkinson’s character. Worthington has transformed into one of today’s premier action stars and is sure to bring with him a large fan base.

Movie: The Debt

Directed by: John Madden

Release Date: Dec. 29

Starring: Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson

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