MuteMath at 4th & B to be a raucous affair

by Courtney Rogin

Courtesy of Colin Gray & Warner Bros. Records
Courtesy of Colin Gray & Warner Bros. Records

MuteMath’s lead vocalist Paul Meany, drummer Darren King and bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas are on tour this year to prove to crowds across the U.S. that rock, as they create it, isn’t dead.

Within the first 10 seconds of the title and opening track of MuteMath’s newest album, it is clear the band is leagues away from where it left off with its sophomore album, “Armistice.”

The latest effort, “Odd Soul,” was released in October and manifested itself in a blues-infused set of tracks lasting just less than an hour.

The title track takes cues from The Black Keys’ gritty, guitar-heavy, bluesy rock. The lead single, “Blood Pressure,” adds to the infectious nature of the album, incurable once the chorus begins.

One of the best tracks is the lengthy gem “Quarantine,” a spastic wonder of psychedelic snippets mixed with vigorous guitar riffs. The song clocks in at a little more than seven minutes and aids the closure of the album.

“Odd Soul” gives the impression the band is just starting to have its mischievous fun with rock and roll, and its progression is clear through the intermixing of retro vibes with the super electronic sound that was introduced in the band’s 2006 debut album.

MuteMath brings its rock out of the garage and into 4th and B this Friday as part of the venue’s “Bring on The Bright Lights” concert series. Doors open at 7 p.m. and it is a 21 and older show. Tickets are still available, starting at $31.

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