‘Shamrockapella’ at Smith Recital

by Samantha Hirsch

What happens when an all-male a cappella group is mixed with preposterous amounts of testosterone? Preposterone, of course. Preposterone is San Diego State’s first and only all-male a cappella group and will be hosting an a cappella concert this evening. This intercollegiate a cappella concert will be the first one held since 2010. In honor of the recent holiday, the concert is appropriately named “Shamrockapella.”

The concert will not only feature two of SDSU’s a cappella groups, but two groups from other local universities as well, including University of California San Diego’s The Beat, and Point Loma Nazarene’s Pointless. Joining Preposterone to round out the SDSU a cappella ticket is SDSU’s coed a cappella group, Sunset Clefs. Luke Ranieri, musical director and bass player, said by collaborating between different schools Preposterone has the ability to think of more ideas, as well as allowing them to see how other groups perform. Ultimately, he says these collaborations are beneficial for everyone because they “allow us to learn how they do things, and (other groups) can learn from us, and we can all have a good time.”

To listen to a mix of today’s hits and most popular songs, as well as at least one traditional Irish melody in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, see “Shamrockapella” from 8-10 p.m. tonight at the Smith Recital Hall. Admission for “Shamrockapella” is $2. For more information, visit Preposterone’s Facebook page at facebook.com/preposteronesdsu.

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