Intern vs. Comic-con

by Myhkail Mendoza

Entertainment Editor, Kevin Smead

San Diego Comic-Con International has come and gone, leaving gamers from San Diego and the rest of the world with excitement for the upcoming video games of 2012 and 2013.

As usual, the video game booths on the “floor” (the Exhibition Hall) had playable demos of highly anticipated games and games new to the public. Two of the many big-name companies to make it on the lineup this year include action-heavy Capcom and “E for Everyone” Nintendo. Microsoft busted out the big guns and promoted “Halo 4,” giving its audience a taste of what the future of the “Halo” franchise holds. With a variety of great games on the floor and energy drinks flowing through our bodies, my fellow gamers and I jumped right into the arms of the gaming industry’s loving embrace.

This year, Capcom showed some much needed love for its loyal fans, displaying only sequels (and one reboot) to its popular titles. “Resident Evil” fans were able to try out the newest addition to the series, “Resident Evil 6,” slated for release Oct. 2 of this year. “Resident Evil 6” stays true to the series with disturbed and mutated humanoid creatures, limited ammo, and fear of a surprise bum rush.

Next to the “Resident Evil” side of the Capcom booth was “Devil May Cry,” a reboot of the series which has brewed mixed feelings from fans of the previous games. I had a chance to get down and dirty with Dante, the young, dark-haired, recreated hero. The fighting mechanics remain nearly identical to previous entries in the series, relying on long combos for kills and introducing both angelic and demonic styles of attacks and utilities.

Adjacent to the “Devil May Cry” demos was the popular sci-fi third person shooter “Lost Planet 3.” Capcom has listened to the fans and improved the story line, mechanics of the mech suits and the long-awaited separation of health from energy. Although Capcom has tainted its reputation with poor business practices, its display this year may be the start of a much-needed healing process.

Not all companies did as well as Capcom however. Nintendo, the most well known game company worldwide, failed to have a strong exhibition on the floor. At its own event at the San Diego Marquis and Marina Marriott next to the Convention Center, Nintendo showcased mostly rehashed games and previously released titles.

The list of displayed games and demos this year included “Mario Kart 7,” “Super Mario 3D Land,” “Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream, Drop, Distance,” and “Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes.” An updated version of its currently failing hand-held system, the 3DS, was being used to house the demos. The Nintendo 3DS XL boasts a larger display and will be released Aug. 19. Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, was not available for public testing because the demo area was invite only, according to reports by major gaming websites. Nintendo’s display for the public was weak and disappointing compared to the previous year.

Overall, the gaming community left Comic-Con drooling and begging for more after catching a glimpse of what the future holds. Now the waiting game begins. We at Aztec Gaming recommend keeping an eye out for the following titles: “The Last of Us,” “Tomb Raider,” “Halo 4,” “Guild Wars 2,” “Devil May Cry,” “Resident Evil 6,” and “Hitman: Absolution.”

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