David Schofield: A Glimpse at an Aztec for Life

David Schofield: A Glimpse at an Aztec for Life

by Alumni Codices

I have been blessed over the years to have had a great career and a wonderful group of friends, the basis for both of these established during my days at SDSU. I initially decided to attend SDSU due to my strength being with numbers, and my desire to attend a well recognized Business School, which had strengths in the area of Accounting. SDSU has always been highly respected as a top Business School and when I decided to attend it was one of only a small handful of colleges known for its outstanding School of Accountancy. Getting into and surviving in the Business School, especially within the Accounting Department, proved to be very challenging and honed my skills in many different areas.

Another major influence during my time at SDSU and which had a big impact on my life was joining the Kappa Sigma fraternity when I was a freshman. Within a few weeks, I had 80 “best friends” and a foundation that still supports me today. I served in many different leadership positions while in the fraternity and those experiences assisted me in the areas of management, communications, group dynamics, fund raising, recruiting, budgets and the use of effective leadership techniques. And trying to balance school, work and the Fraternity provided essential experience in the areas of project and time management. Developing these skills and good habits early in your life are essential for your future success. As I moved into my professional career, it was clear I had the additional experience and confidence that others did not possess.

My first professional job was as an Internal Auditor for a public company, making much less than I did while waiting tables at the Hungry Hunter restaurant in college. But I had the confidence and skills to take advantage of the various opportunities that were presented to me, and after 10 years and still at a young age, I was Executive Vice President and acting-President of a $275 million company. During this time I was also able to get my MBA from Pepperdine University. From there I became a top executive with Office Depot, Inc., President of Rexall Showcase International, CEO of eDiets.com, CEO of Skylight Healthcare Systems (based here in San Diego) and currently serve as CEO of Restaurant Revolution Technologies (also in San Diego). A great career, with my skills and confidence initially developed during my days at SDSU.

I have now been back in San Diego since 2001; it is great to be home! I remain active supporting SDSU wherever I can; served as a judge for the Entrepreneurial Center’s Annual Business Plan contest, attend alumni events, football and basketball games, and have offered to attend classes to provide my real life feedback. I have also stayed active with Kappa Sigma – some of my best friends today are the guys I met when I joined the Fraternity many years ago. I was appointed the President of the Kappa Sigma Alumni Association for the San Diego area – we provide support to the undergrads on campus, hold alumni events throughout the year, and we are a resource for thousands of SDSU Kappa Sigma alumni. I also serve as Executive Director of the “Jon Henderson Memorial Scholarship Fund”, providing up to eight annual $2,500 scholarships for those Kappa Sigma undergrads who excel in the areas of GPA, Leadership and Community Service. Giving back is always important and very rewarding.

My recommendations to the current students at SDSU – as you move through your years at SDSU, especially during your junior and senior years, reach out to SDSU alumni that can provide you with guidance and input on your future career; participate in an internship, this real life experience puts you ahead of those graduates that did not do an internship; consider joining the Greek Community, beyond the social aspects, there are so many other areas of value that will have an impact on your career and life; and finally, after you graduate, stay close to SDSU, it is a wonderful University, with a strong alumni base, that will continue to provide you with resources and support for many years after you graduate.


David Schofield graduated in 1982 with a B.S. in accounting. 

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