Four things you need to do before the semester ends

by Allison Muhar

1. Go to a sporting event

By this point in the semester, most of you have probably already made it to a few football games. However, for those of you who haven’t, this is definitely something you need to do before the semester ends. If you’re not into football, don’t worry, San Diego State has 17 other Division I sports and a sports club for nearly every sport you can think of. Support your fellow Aztecs!

2. Join a club

Get involved, meet new friends and find ways to network. There’s no way you can network too much, and every person you meet at State could be an asset in your career, or just might be your new best friend.

3. Get a job

Places on campus are hiring – many stores around State are hiring for the holiday season. Earn a few extra dollars, put your free time to use, and add one more entry to your resume.

4. Pick out next semester’s classes

Do this as soon as you can. Class schedules are already out for next semester. Pick out your classes and pick your backups. If you wait until the night before registration to find out what you want, you’ll end up panicked and most likely taking classes you don’t need because you misunderstood the requirements.

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