Opera vocals mastered on campus

Opera vocals mastered on campus

by Josselyn Molina

San Diego State and the San Diego Opera have come together to provide our vocal arts students the finest in training. Each month, one member from the San Diego Opera hosts a Master class for the lively performers of The Vocal Arts Division. The San Diego Opera has also created the Student Ticket Initiative, which discounts opera tickets for students to $20. These events have been organized by Vocal Arts Chair Laurinda Nikkel, opera director Enrique Toral and San Diego Opera Education and Outreach Director Nicolas Reveles for the purpose of exposing students to the professional aspect of the opera and the promising paths their careers may take.

Last month, the San Diego Opera brought in the notable and respected soprano vocalist Stephanie Weiss to coach four SDSU students in the vocal arts program. Dedication to music and art allowed Weiss to introduce small changes in posture, breathing and facial movement to efficiently develop students’ sound.

“Know what you’re singing about,” Weiss said, explaining the importance in awareness of context.

Students accepted the criticisms from Weiss and improved to the point of self-impressment. Weiss was a perfect mentor for SDSU’s vocal arts students and a great guest to the small audience who gathered to see her work with new, young talent.

Next week on March 12, San Diego Opera member Ashraf Sewailam will be hosting this month’s Master class based on bass-baritone voices. The event is open to public and free of charge in the Smith Recital Hall at 2 p.m. Master classes and the San Diego Opera Student Ticket Initiative wouldn’t be possible without the San Diego Opera’s generous members and collaboration from the SDSU vocal arts staff.

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Photo courtesy of Uzan International Artists

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