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Fateful circumstances

by Kara Fergason

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Our toes dissolved beneath the wet, encasing sand

Two unfamiliar hearts cast shadows in the dark

For reasons untold by a baffling universe

My spine ached acutely, fervently for your hands

To memorize its ridges, to leave an imprint

A sign that I will never lose you completely.


How could you forget? The way we so completely

Void of all restraint, buried ourselves in the sand

Of dreams that once seemed fantastical. An imprint

Engraves my skin, inconspicuous in the dark

Its delicate lines tell the story of soft hands,

Whispered words, boundless Love, a fated universe.


Inconceivable—in a different universe

We are indeed strangers, who miss paths completely

Our hearts untangled, I would never feel your hands

Deep, faint brushstrokes, or allow the surrounding sand

To engulf my fears. Here, we surrender to dark

Blurry shades of gray, one night’s unceasing imprint.


Childlike, safe, I felt, as you held me; this imprint

Such a complex circumstance, heaved my universe

From atop its axis. I remember the dark

Surreal inner sense that I would be completely

Sincerely changed. I awoke to fine grains of sand

Strewed on my scalp, in the calluses of my hands.


Time still cannot taint the image. Two pairs of hands

Immersed in each other’s lines, each shape an imprint

To match—tiny, inconsequential specks of sand

Formed a layer to shield my heart. This universe

Astounds me. I let go wholly, completely

Breathless—melting, pulsating for you in the dark.


We were two lone silhouettes molded by a dark,

Beaming night sky. How could such unfamiliar hands

Awaken me, mirror my truth so completely?

I carry with me an invisible imprint;

It alludes to an enigmatic universe,

Fateful circumstance, one essence cradled in sand.


Light only unveils from what seems completely dark;

Specks of sand drape a wearied heart held by warm hands.

An angel’s ceaseless imprint on my universe.

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