Enjoy the struggle/You mean the world to me

by Sarah Gough

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Enjoy the struggle

I walked through a cemetery last night.
Time became finite
and simultaneously expanded into something beyond my understanding.

I dreamt that the bulk of my life had passed by,

As I stood in the background in pure disbelief.

Watching the scenes of milestones unfold,

Like clips of a film flickering through the light.

I saw my mother reach extreme old age,

And all that seemed to be a substantial influence on me dissipated into the atmosphere.
Its true insignificance revealed in comparison to the whole,
Much like the infinitesimally measure of our lives compared to the enormity of the cosmos.

And there I was.

On the surface of the warm earth,
Laying underneath the ever-expanding sky.

Struggling to comprehend the vastness before me.

And enjoying every second of that struggle.


You mean the world to me

Every day when the first beam of sunlight warms the earth,

Your face is the first vision that enters my mind

As its radiance illuminates my day, I question which things really hold worth,

I search my fluctuating heart but I always seem to find

Most things are fleeting, true passion is rare,

That struggle is inevitable, and of course life is never fair.

But as the day progresses, your words always remind me

Though sometimes the struggle is blinding,

You love shines through so clearly.

It’s always you I see.


So as the sun makes its daily rounds, descending through the sky,

I once again thank whatever force that’s brought you my way…

As the horizon drains of light, I feel my consciousness slipping by,

And I can rest comfortably knowing that I can honestly say…

That I swell with pride when standing next to you,

And I couldn’t survive without your touch,

That you are my sweet surrender, my safe haven…

And I could never get enough.

So my darling I hope you know…

That if the darkness ever seems to be creeping in,

And if you find yourself desperately searching for a light,

If the coldness is engulfing and nothing can even begin,

To warm your core, carry you home or restore your sight…

I hope you remember that you are loved beyond comprehension or condition.

I hope my heart will always remain with you whenever you feel the need to flee… And you’ll know the perfection I see in your eyes,

My love you mean the world to me.

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