Aztecs, please take your shenanigans off campus

Aztecs, please take your shenanigans off campus

by Emily Alvarenga

In college, you often see some pretty strange people do some pretty strange things. Aztecs witness the unexpected everywhere on campus: in class, in the market or even in the library. It becomes almost ordinary to find someone doing something bizarre, but some students are taking it too far. Here at San Diego State, I’ve seen some weird things, but what I didn’t expect to see was students recording themselves doing these ridiculously idiotic things.

It doesn’t bother me so much that students choose to be dumb. What bothers me is the time and place they choose to do so. The popular college touring months of March, April and May mean campuses are often flooded with prospective students and their parents. In these three months, countless families are seen exploring the campus while prospective students—and their parents—decide where they are going to attend in the Fall. The cultural environment of college is a big part of this decision, and for better or worse, as students, we are a key part of this culture.

Within the past month or so, I’ve witnessed several people record themselves performing drinking challenges either in class or in the library. I’ve also seen a couple of embarrassing YouTube videos with “SDSU” tacked onto their titles. Maybe Aztecs just don’t understand, but when prospective students are looking into a college, the first impression tells them a lot. If the first thing they see when they look at our campus is a student taking shots in a classroom or running around the library in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs, they aren’t going to want to attend our school. Or if they do, it’s probably for the wrong reasons.

[quote]You’re probably thinking, “Who cares what they think of our school?” The answer? You should care.[/quote]

To be successful in your future career these days, you must go to a prestigious school and graduate with a degree. As students, we contribute to SDSU’s prestige. But when we start making our school look bad to prospective Aztecs, it creates a problem.

If students stop wanting to go to SDSU, our school’s good name will start to sink. Its reputation doesn’t only rely on academics, but also our image and how we portray ourselves to the public. If we tarnish SDSU’s reputation, how can we expect to land good jobs after we graduate? Who is going to want to hire someone from a school known for the crazy behavior of its students?

[quote]Our school’s reputation should matter to everyone attending.[/quote] What I really don’t understand is why students behave so badly on campus. Is it that exhilarating to record yourself drinking in a classroom? Few people will look at that and think it makes you look cool. More likely, they’ll think you’re reckless or just embarrassing.

Not all attention is good attention, and this year SDSU already had some not-so-positive publicity. During SDU’s Associated Student elections last month, Luke Dzierzanowski became the center of attention when his campaign video featuring bikini-clad girls and cigars went viral on March 10. The video topped 60,000 views in barely a month and made national news, causing people around the country to question the students here at SDSU.

I was curious to see how widespread the video had gone, so I approached a group of prospective students who had just finished their campus tour.

“Yeah I’ve seen it,” prospective student Emily Richtie from Washington said. “I don’t get how he could even be allowed to run for A.S. after a video like that. It definitely made me question the integrity of the Associated Students board here at SDSU.”

Now a new “Pranks San Diego State University” video has begun circulating, with more than 130,000 views in just more than a week. This video features BigDawsTV pranking students and teachers around campus, in the library and during class. Based on its viral status, the video clearly has students talking. Even though most students just laugh it off, what about the image this is giving to the public?

Students needs to realize that we aren’t little kids anymore—what we do matters. Nowadays, with the technology we have everything we do can be remembered forever. So before you record yourself doing something stupid on our campus, just think, “Am I going to want my future employer to find this video?” Remember, what you do affects all of us. Think about your actions before you become the one to ruin the reputation of our school and potentially hurt the future of all fellow Aztecs.


Photo courtesy of Youtube. 

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