Jamming to the sound of the San Diego band, Tribal Seeds

Jamming to the sound of the San Diego band, Tribal Seeds

by Josselyn Molina

From the warm beaches to the reggae music scene, a lot of great things come from San Diego. Who better to represent the city than Tribal Seeds and their fourth album, “Representing.” Tribal Seeds, the six-man reggae-rock band from San Diego has flourished since their start back in 2008. They’ve toured with multiple big names throughout the years such as Matisyahu, Rebelution, SOJA, Sublime with Rome and Collie Buddz. Their new album, which will be released on May 13, simply does San Diego and its people justice.

Their collaborations are a breath of fresh air for any reggae fan, featuring prominent voices in the reggae scene such as New Kingston, Kyle McDonald from Slightly Stoopid, Don Carlos and Mykal Rose. Each one of their songs has beautifully-fitting vocals laid upon different combinations of harmonizing instruments. The album includes seven of Tribal Seeds’ songs and five songs featuring the collaborated artists, each bringing on a new sound and style to the selection. Although this fourth album is a continuation to “SoundWaves” from 2011, it brings about a sense of community in the reggae scene while expressing the love for music. Some notably refreshing songs to watch out for in “Representing” are “Rock the Night,” “In Your Area” featuring Kyle McDonald, “Ruined” and “Undercover Lover” featuring guitarist, Gonzo.

The “Representing” spring tour will bring Tribal Seeds along with Tribal Theory, Collie Buddz and Gonzo to San Diego State’s Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre this Friday. Come out and support all the Southern California talent and show some San Diego pride with Tribal Seeds’ alluring spirits.

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