Panic! pleases Cal Coast crowd

by Josselyn Molina, Staff Writer

Nearly nine years ago, Panic! at the Disco released its first album in 2005. After the departure of a few band members, as well as a temporary loss of an exclamation mark, a revamped Panic! has emerged and all for the better.

The band’s constant progressive advancements through different genres allowed for a euphonious act to come out of “The Gospel Tour,” a night dedicated to Panic! at the Disco featuring Walk the Moon and Youngblood Hawke. The vibrations of the sound when the band played the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre last Wednesday echoed a message of unity and love for our existence.

Youngblood Hawke started the night with a lively fusion of electronic indie-pop reminiscent of the energy of M83. Its popular single “We Come Running” only added to the dynamic presence it established with all six band members on stage. Soon after the first act, Walk the Moon soothed the crowd into a blissful and uplifting mood with its indie-rock music before the Panic! sensation raced over the crowd.

The set showcased many of Panic!’s new songs from its latest album, “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die.” In an interview with, frontman Brendon Urie commented on the inspiration behind the album as a celebration of a new chapter in his life with a more mature perspective. He kick-started the night with the recent single “Girls/Girls/Boys.” “Girls love girls and boys/ And love is not a choice,” Urie sings in the chorus, asking if we really choose who we love.

The combination of all three bands in The Gospel Tour provoked feelings of nostalgia for the music today’s generation has built memories on. Along with its new album this year, Panic! at the Disco has also released “Nicotine,” a four-track EP featuring two unreleased songs. Be sure to check out Youngblood Hawke and Walk the Moon through other social media.

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