Fraternity looks to cash in on members

Four Students on Laptops

David Hernandez, News Editor

by Jamie Ballard, News Writer

Pi Sigma Epsilon, a business fraternity created last semester, has been interviewing member in hopes of increasing membership and expanding its professional network.

“We offer a number of professional social events, we train our members to take their abilities and mold them into skills that they can use in the business world, and we teach them about sales, marketing, and management,” Vice President of Public Relations for PSE Dereck Forde said.

Other business fraternities such as Delta Sigma Pi or Beta Alpha Psi exist already, but Forde believes there are many things that make his organization stand out, such as the fact that it’s “organized like a small business” but has the support from Fortune 500 companies such as Aflack and Enterprise.

Additionally, Forde said, many of the fraternities at SDSU are social organizations, while Pi Sigma Epsilon is a professional organization.

Although the organization focuses on business skills in sales, marketing and management, the co-ed fraternity is open to all majors.

“(Members) learn how to interview well, they learn how to collaborate and network with other organizations, we help them get job opportunities in and after college, and we help members reach out to businesses they’re interested in,” Forde said.

The fraternity has 28 members, three of whom are studying abroad, and hopes to add between 20 and 25 new members this fall. PSE is currently holding interviews and expects to extend invitations to its accepted members by Wednesday.

Forde, who has being helping interview potential members, said the organization is looking for members who can contribute.

“We want people who can give us their time, their skills and their abilities,” he said.

He added that the organization looks for members who would “fit in well” to the culture of the fraternity, which Forde said is “supportive and comforting, but also exciting.”

PSE tries not only to support their own members, but also to collaborate with other student organizations.

“We enjoy working with and giving back to other campus organizations,” Forde said.

The next upcoming event for PSE is the Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon, in which members will compete with other chapters in a sales competition to see who can present themselves the best in a simulated sales call. Students will be evaluated based on their ability to smoothly move the customer through the sales process and obtain commitment, according to the website for the event. It’s a yearlong event, and Forde said the PSE chapter at SDSU will begin participating on Oct. 15.

Forde said PSE is also working with an on-campus organization that organizes a walk for cancer.

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