Review: ‘Maze Runner’ is adventure packed

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

by Hayley Spence, Staff Writer

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Director Wes Ball took the James Dashner novel “Maze Runner” and ran with it. I saw the film as someone who never read the book before, and it was amazing. The film keeps you engaged from the very first minute. The audience is left guessing because of the film’s restricted narrative and left trying to figure out what is going on step by step with the film’s characters.

“Maze Runner” follows Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) who has found himself in “the Glade” and doesn’t know why. The other boys there are in the same predicament; they can only remember their names but nothing more. Every morning, the door from the Glade to the giant surrounding maze opens and the “runners” go out into the maze to map and explore it.  Once Thomas gets to the Glade, things seem to go wrong as if he carries bad luck wherever he goes. Yet, he earns a few friends, along with a few enemies after he risks his life for two of his fellow Gladers.

Thomas is a new chemical in a mix that is only just simmering in the Glade.  He not only disregards the rules and principles of the Gladers, he thinks differently than them. Rather than wanting to stay peacefully in the Glade, he wants out of the Glade and the maze. This is revolutionary thinking for the Gladers.  While few follow Thomas, others fear what he does and believe he is the cause of every bad event that occurs after his changes. A revolution finally erupts, and it is interesting to see how children act in these dire situations.

This film follows in the wake of other successful book-to-film adaptations such as the “Harry Potter” franchise and “The Hunger Games” trilogy. It’s an exciting time for book lovers with one coming out right before the other. But groans were heard from the fans of this book as to the order of events in the film.

Yet, as someone who never read the book and knew nothing much about the film besides the basic premise and setting, it was pretty good. Reminiscent of “Lord of the Flies,” the 1954 novel by William Golding, the film reflects the fall of a society when one curious new member is thrust into its midst. It’s a testimony of our own society today, which still turns against those who think outside of the box and differently than the masses.

Overall, the film is fun and adventure filled with action and thrills. For those who have never read the book, it’s a rewarding surprise. “The Maze Runner” might not be suitable for younger children for some of its darker scenes, but it’s definitely one you need to see.

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