Welcome back letter: KCR General Manager Olivia Hill

by Olivia Hill, KCR General Manager

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DAYINLIFE_oliviahillBWelcome back, fellow Aztecs! We here at KCR College Radio hope you’ve had every college student’s dream vacation: a simultaneously relaxing and exhilarating break!

KCR College Radio is a completely student-run radio station here at SDSU, and we pride ourselves on our ability to broadcast, blog, and record free speech. This means that students are able to play music and discuss content that is to their liking and reflects on their morals and beliefs. This ranges from campus news shows, to EDM, country, or alternative music shows, to play by plays of Aztec sports, and the list goes on.  We have tons of opportunities within KCR for all SDSU students including being a DJ, radio personality, local celebrity interviewer, online blogger, social networker, promotion coordinator, engineer, photographers, videographers, and more! We are always looking for eager people who can bring original ideas to the table and share them with their fellow classmates.

KCR is looking for students of all ages and backgrounds to join our quickly growing staff! The best way to be a part of the team is to apply online at KCR.SDSU.edu and fill out the application under the “Get Involved” tab by January 5th. What’s great about tarting at KCR is that no previous experience is required! We are able to give the training needed for students to confidently go into the professional world with a resume that reflects a strong radio understanding.

If your plate is already packed for the semester and you’re simply interested in listening in, winning tickets, or reading our quirky blog, check us out at KCR.SDSU.Edu.

I’m Olivia Hill, the general manager of KCR where I’ve been an active member of the radio station since freshman year and have learned a thing or two at State. One piece of advice for fellow SDSU students is to give every opportunity a shot.  Even if you find out this club, class, or internship isn’t for you, you’ll learn a valuable lesson as to who you are and what your truth path in life is!  Sometimes finding out what doesn’t work for you is just as important as what does! And specifically to the students on meal plans: take advantage of Cuic Brunches.

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