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19 ways roommates help you through college

by David Hernandez, News Editor

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Unlike the fall semester, spring break is the only time off we get this semester. It’s a long wait until we get a break from school, but that’s where roommates come in — they make college bearable.

1. They understand it’s hard to follow through with your new year’s resolutions.








2. Your roommates understand what stresses you out.









3. You can always rely on them to never take you seriously.









4. Grocery shopping is more fun with roommates by your side.









5. Even when they judge you, they’ll support you.








6. Completing an assignment is much easier when it’s a group effort. 










7, You learn it’s best to listen to them the first time.










 8. “When in doubt, always eat out.” – the roommate motto















 9. When you finally start to put your life in order, they remind you to reward yourself.










10. They help you apply what you learn in class.













 11. They know you best, and they’ll hopefully become a great reference…








12. When you’re feeling down, they know what to say to make you feel better.








13. They you’re parents away from home and celebrate your accomplishments.










14. They’re honest about how you look before you walk out of your apartment.










15. Group chats with your roommates alone could get you through the day. 









16. You’re all on the same boat when it comes to money.







17. They often share the food they cook for dinner.









18. And they understand when you’re not in the mood to eat healthy.


















19. Truth is you don’t know how you would live without them.









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One Response to “19 ways roommates help you through college”

  1. Roommate Harmony on February 6th, 2015 5:22 pm

    Ha, great article (and great show)! A good roommate is hard to find so appreciate it when you got it. They’ll also ‘pity hate’ any professor/boyfriend/girlfriend that currently annoys you to support your frustration.

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