Weekend Playlist – Stormy Weather

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Weekend Playlist – Stormy Weather

by Adriana Arce

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TGIF amigos!

So if you’re not already familiar with my blog, every other Friday (or Saturday) I’ll be posting a new playlist to get you either ready for the weekend, or just to chill out to. For the past few days, San Diego has been pretty overcast with light showers here and there.  I’m not so sure how much I like this weather if I’m constantly paranoid it’s going to rain. But like a cat, I would much rather be dry if I can help it.  Although I could care less for this gloomy weather, I do enjoy it if I’m indoors and away from the cold, haha. So I’ve created a little playlist below of songs to get you ready to sip on a hot cup of tea while the clouds continue to linger overhead.

Until next week, happy listening!



1. “Northern Wind” by City and Colour


2. “Baby Blue” by King Krule


3. “I Remember You” by Björk 

4. “Delicate” by Damien Rice


5. “Crossroads” by Matisyahu 


6. “Kimmi in a Rice Field” by Twin Sister


7. “Stars” by The XX


8. “Love Fade” by Tamaryn

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