New Netflix content marches into catalog

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New Netflix content marches into catalog

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March is upon us. Soon enough Aztecs will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and the official start of the spring season. However, like every other month, Netflix updates its catalog with new streamable shows and flicks to keep its users happily distracted from any issues or problems they may be trying to sort out.

It’s tough to update the catalog with quality material all month long, and March is no different. Sprinkled within the nearly 40 updates this month are some real winners ranging from drama to animated film to comedy to kung fu. The people over at Netflix headquarters spread these wonderful gifts across the whole month. So, if Aztecs have finished “House of Cards,” which is recommended they absolutely do first, then there are a few other cool things to watch on Netflix this month.


Archer (Season 5)
Release Date: March 7

This comedic take on 007 style espionage is one the best shows on television. Although not all A-list actors, the cast has shot this show to stardom as they take on the most hodgepodge group of employees in the office of a private spy company. However, in season five things take a turn for the more criminal. After being shutdown by the federal government, Sterling Archer and company turn to what any good spy would do when they no longer have work — go rogue and start selling drugs. Hilarity ensues as the group of agents attempt to take their talents as spies and try to make ends meet by selling mass quantities of cocaine. The episodes run about 20 minutes, so it’s highly recommended to start from season one if Aztecs aren’t familiar with the show.


3rd Rock From the Sun
Release Date: March 15

This television series hit family room TVs in 1996. The premise is a group of aliens come to Earth disguised as humans and spend their time here to learn what life is like on the third rock from the sun. John Lithgow leads the comedic cast through five years and six seasons of struggling space people trying to fit in to society. This is also one of the earliest times heartthrob actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is seen on any screen. Kristen Johnston and French Stewart round out the family of aliens as what can be assumed as mother and older brother. “3rd Rock from the Sun” is old-school ’90s TV comedy. The sets are a tad cheesy and obvious, the plot can be a bit obscure but nonetheless there are definitely laughs in store with this show.


Mad Men (Season 7)
Release Date: March 22

Now when Netflix says season seven is being released, it really only means the first half. The last season of this drama circling the old advertising world was split into two small segments, the first of which was a mere seven episodes. Nonetheless, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is back in action with his don’t-care attitude and prolific persuasion tactics. As the show has progressed, viewers have learned small tidbits of information surrounding the might Mr. Draper. He’s a complex person whose self-destructive habits will potentially be his downfall. Albeit a slow progressing show, the dynamics of “Mad Men” mixed with the perfectly executed style of the ’50s and ’60s makes this a must watch.


The Man With the Iron Fists
Release Date: March 31

For avid rap listeners, the Wu-Tang Clan have always drawn inspiration from ancient asian cultures and their forms of self defense. So it comes as no surprise that legendary producer and rapper RZA took a stab at directing “The Man With the Iron Fists.” The plot is simple, band of warriors and assassins want a treasure, treasure lies in secluded village and a single man takes it upon himself to defend his village from the attackers. Of course there will be plenty of ridiculous high-wire stunts, fights, blood and gore; but that’s how contemporary kung-fu movies are these days. Besides RZA, the cast also features Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung and Rick Yune. “The Man With the Iron Fists” is definitely a great flick to help Aztecs let out their inner ninja. Just don’t go around karate chopping your dorm room furniture.

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