SDSU crime and incident report: Fire in EBA building, gas smell at Tony Gwynn Stadium

by Emely Navarro, Senior Staff Writer

Fire in EBA

A small fire in the Education and Business Administration building Wednesday morning forced students and faculty to evacuate.

“The alarm was due to a mishap with an appliance, causing it to catch fire,” San Diego State Police Cpl. Mark Peterson said.

No injuries were reported and the fire was quickly extinguished.

Methane gas smell at Tony Gwynn Stadium

There was a smell of gas and something burning early last Friday morning at Tony Gwynn Stadium.

Parents of a San Diego State student reportedly smelled methane gas, according to a San Diego State Police Department media bulletin.

San Diego Gas and Electric was contacted and responded to the incident. After searching for the smell they found a minor malfunction in the area.

“There was no safety concern for the public during this time,” Peterson said.

SDG&E evaluated the issue and repaired the leak.

Police advisory

SDSU Police Chief Lamine Secka sent a student and staff advisory email Wednesday afternoon.

The notice provided a variety of safety tips and reminded students to be careful and mindful of their surroundings when on campus.

SDSU police advises bicycle owners to register their bikes at the police station in order to have record of the bike in case it goes missing or is stolen.

Secka urged students never to leave valuables unattended or visible inside a car at any time.

“We are committed to providing the unique policing services required of our campus and our community and look forward to working with you (students, staff and faculty),” Secka wrote in the email.

Call 619-594-1991 to report any suspicious or illegal behavior to SDSU police.

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