SDSU crime and incident report: Disturbing the peace, mental health

by Emely Navarro, Senior Staff Writer

Suspicious person

A suspicious person asking people to help him with his children in the Library Information Access Dome was reported on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 17, according to San Diego State police. 

This suspicious person allegedly did the same thing last year at the farmers market.

The suspect was a 5-foot-9, 55-year-old male wearing a black leather jacket, gray pants and black shoes, according to a media bulletin.

Another case of suspicious activity occurred Saturday, Sept. 19 at the MTS Transit Center on Campanile Drive when a man began to follow women around the station for about five minutes.

The subject would occasionally stop and follow other girls around.

The 20-year-old suspect is a 5-foot-4 skinny white male with short black or brown hair.

Disturbing of the peace

A woman’s boyfriend smashed the windshield of her car on Sunday, Sept. 20, according to a media bulletin.

After breaking the windshield, the man then continued to walk around the grass area of her building.

The white male is reportedly 34 years old and had a large 70-pound greyhound dog with him. No arrest was made. 

Mental health 

Police officers responded to the Olmeca Residence Hall after an African-American SDSU student asked a girl if she had a gun to hurt himself.

The person in question asked the girl for some advice because he thought no one cared about him, according to a media bulletin.

The student was found and taken to Kaiser Permanente for a pre-existing condition.

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