Senior farewell: Maxim Garshman

Senior farewell: Maxim Garshman

by Maxim Garshman , Senior Staff Writer

When I first came to SDSU, I had no intention of ever joining the school newspaper. I never had a passion for writing, only a passion for sports. But my junior year, Matthew Bain convinced me to join the paper and my college experience was forever changed. I met some of my best friends here at college because of that very move.

There is so much to be grateful for over these past few years, but few can compare to my time with The Daily Aztec.

Brandon Truffa and I were also given the opportunity to carry on The Daily Aztec Sports Talk, which thanks to Daniel Galuppo turned out to be a fantastic videos segment.

I would like to thank Patrick Carr for pushing me to new heights, Kris Keehl for his understanding and wisdom and Ryan Posner for just being himself. 

I understand that graduating is just the beginning of life, but my roots will forever be implemented with this paper and with this school.

I want to encourage others in their time here at SDSU to find a way to express their voice in whatever platform that may be.

College is one of the few times in life where you should be selfish. You should do what you want.

It is the time to focus on making you the best person you can be. It is the time to find yourself.

It is the time to find out who you truly want to be.

It’s a precious gift not many get to have so, use it as such.

When they call your name and you walk across that stage to get your diploma, make sure you experienced all that you wanted here.

And whatever you do, look back to your college days and say, “I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

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