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Women’s Resource Center to host maga’zine’ workshop

Courtesy of Women's Resource Center

Courtesy of Women's Resource Center

by Nicole Sazegar, Senior Staff Writer

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The idea of unlearning yourself is the deconstruction of identity from the oppressive structures an individual has experienced throughout their lives.

When art junior Jesseca Aquino approached rhetoric and writing studies senior Sarah Tanori about creating a workshop with this concept in mind, they decided ‘zine-making was the perfect medium for people to come together and break down the societal barriers impeding their full-potential.

“The important thing about ‘zine making is that it’s a good form of self care that’s inexpensive,” Tanori said. “By introducing this medium, we’re saying that this is a strategy for people to take care of themselves without spending so much money and without feeling subscribed to some sort of label.”

The ‘zine-making workshop will be hosted by the Women’s Resource Center at San Diego State Aug. 18 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the SDSU Downtown Gallery.

The event welcomes attendees to create their own ‘zines revolving around the concept of unlearning yourself.

The art of ‘zine-making is creating small magazines filled with pictures, drawings, paintings, magazine cutouts or words. Three different ‘zines will also be distributed by the WRC.

Live music by Mariela Diéguez, Kim Garza and Lora Mathis will also be featured. Lastly, conversation will be held to provide validation, promote vulnerability and practice self-care.

“The whole point of this (event) is to come together and think of these issues that are affecting us, and learning how to take that and really be honest with ourselves about it, and heal from that by writing or talking about it or just making art from it,” Tanori said.

Aquino and Tanori hope this event also spreads the word about the WRC on campus.

Since it opened in spring 2016, the center has cultivated an inclusive, inviting and safe space for people that Aquino, Tanori and other WRC staff wish to share with the entire campus.

“People coming out of this workshop will start making more zines themselves and will become more involved with the Women’s Resource Center,” Aquino said. “They will feel involved and more understanding of themselves and their identity.”

Tanori believes that this event will open up new conversations for college students that are usually not brought up.

“No one talks about their feelings, and I think that we need to,” Tanori said. “I think we need to open this conversation for college students because it’s a very stress inducing environment.”

Aquino and Tanori both said they took their experiences as women of color who deal with oppression throughout their daily lives to create an event to help people heal.

The goal of this event is to inspire people to break down their privileges, but also their marginalization to see how it creates their identity and how it affects their behavior through the medium of ‘zines.

“Unlearning yourself is challenging the standard,” Tanori said. “It’s challenging what you’ve been used to your entire life no matter what your circumstances might be.”

The WRC is always inclusive and invites all individuals to attend the event Thursday.

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