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Opinion: Sanders lost, get over it

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Opinion: Sanders lost, get over it

Sanders supporters swelter waiting for the then-candidate to speak at a May rally in National City, California.

Sanders supporters swelter waiting for the then-candidate to speak at a May rally in National City, California.

Andrew Dyer

Sanders supporters swelter waiting for the then-candidate to speak at a May rally in National City, California.

Andrew Dyer

Andrew Dyer

Sanders supporters swelter waiting for the then-candidate to speak at a May rally in National City, California.

by Andrew Dyer, Opinion Editor

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“Lock her up! Lock her up!”

This anti-Clinton refrain was all the rage at the Republican National Convention in late July. No surprise. Republican nominee Donald Trump has reveled in dragging his party into the political gutter. The GOP trotted-out one unhinged crackpot after another to sing his praises. From conspiracy theorists to brain-dead brain surgeons, the convention was an unending parade of D-list celebrities and third-rate politicos. Their dystopian vision of the U.S., while horrific, was also to be expected. Trump long ago kicked over the port-a-john of political discourse and his sycophants and supporters have been romping happily in the detritus since.

Not so expected was the behavior of delegates and supporters of failed Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention the following week.

Before the convention began, during a march the Wall Street Journal called a “pro-Sanders rally,” protesters marched through downtown Philadelphia also chanting “lock her up.” The Bernie or bust faction looked less like a “political revolution” and more like an amalgamation of disparate political toddlers kicking and screaming, unwilling to turn in at bedtime.

Tantrums continued inside the convention. Sanders delegates heckled Massachusetts senator and progressive darling Elizabeth Warren. They walked out of Clinton’s acceptance speech. They even booed Bernie when he called for them to support Clinton and later walked out in protest, chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!”
No. That is what sour grapes look like. Democracy looks like the person with the most votes winning.

There was reason to be upset. Leaked Democratic National Committee emails showed a handful of staffers strategized ways to attack Sanders based on his religion, or lack thereof. There was also strategic advice from a Clinton lawyer on how to respond to his charges against the DNC. These leaks confirmed much of what Sanders and his supporters had long asserted, that the DNC was colluding with the Clinton campaign. Clinton is a life-long Democrat. Sanders joined the party only to run for president. Party politics is an insider’s game, but their dirty laundry is not normally hoisted up a flagpole the day before the convention.

As ugly as the Democratic party’s inner-workings may be, they are not near as ugly as the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. Factor in allegations that a Russian hack lead to the DNC leaks and they were released in an attempt to sway the election towards Trump and it becomes ever more urgent that Bernie Sanders die-hards not become evangelical in their devotion to ideological purity. A similar rift in the DNC, between Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy, helped usher in the Reagan era of social austerity and military build-up. Another split in 2000 between Al Gore and Green Party nominee Ralph Nader led to eight years of Bush that included two disastrous wars, the destabilization of an entire region and the expanded threat of terrorism in the west.

A less-pure progressive is a better option than what the GOP has offered — a bloviating bully who enjoys robust support from white nationalists and vows to run the country like a tyrant.

The issues at the core of Sanders’ revolution ­— economic equality and racial justice — are worthy and vital priorities. With the specter of a Trump presidency it does not matter which Democrat sits in the Oval Office signing those reforms into law. It is time for Bernie’s camp to take a cue from the Rolling Stones tune Trump is so fond of playing at his rallies. You can’t always get what you want.

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10 Responses to “Opinion: Sanders lost, get over it”

  1. Brooklyn Vinson on August 17th, 2016 8:09 am

    Your assumption is that Sanders and Clinton are largely interchangable, two sides of the same coin, strawberry vs. vanilla ice cream. Sanders supporters have been telling Clinton backers for a long time now that Clinton is no progressive, she’s lying about the TPP, fracking, etc., and she’s downright frightening in her belligerent foreign policy. Now that she’s picked Kaine for VP, Salazar to lead her transition team, she’s racking up Republican and neocon endorsements, and her campaign is going full red-baiting McCarthyite “everybody who’s against me is an agent of Russia” mode, Sanders backers have been proven right all along: she’s a warmongering conservative Republican who happens to use identity politics pandering to minorities to trick them into thinking she’s a liberal. We’ve seen this all along. Some Clinton supporters are starting to see it. But the vast majority, like Mr. Dyer, still think she’s a liberal and find themselves to be useful tools for illegitimately shoehorning the ultimate puppet of the Wall St. and defense establishments into the oval office.

    It’s not about “losing” or Sanders; it’s about HER. Trump is horrible, but so is Hillary. I’m NOT WITH HER. Like many Sanders supporters the most obvious heir to the Sanders revolution is Jill Stein of the Green Party. That’s who I’m supporting without reservation, because SHE’S WITH US.

  2. Nate on August 17th, 2016 8:20 am

    While this author’s vote will stand for complacency, mine will stand for change.

    Don’t bother with the threat of a Trump presidency. He continues to implode while Rep donors buy Hillary. A vote for Hillary will be a vote for the SAME injustices and corruption this author thinks he’s fighting against.

    The only reason “the most progressive platform in history” has been crafted is b/c of activist Sanders supporters. If they stop the pressure now it will be nothing more than lip service on paper.

    The author does not get this.

    Activism and the relentless pursuit of change for better dies with this complacency.

    Those who fought against slavery, “sour grapes” ?

    Those who fought and still fight for civil rights, “sour grapes” ?

    Those who fought for a woman’s right to vote, “sour grapes” ?

    Those who fight today for campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, tuition free higher education, and so on, “sour grapes” ?

    While this author is comfortable in life and turns a blind eye to the CONSTANT struggle, many millions struggle and starve.

    but thats OK, they are “sour grapes”

  3. Tracy Parks on August 17th, 2016 9:39 am

    Last time I checked, Clinton was leading all the polls by quite a bit and Trump is in complete meltdown. So why is it ok to support a corrupt politician that wants to continue fracking, place all our jobs overseas for slave wages, continue wars, is a racist, etc. and the only argument you have is “but Trump!”

    Your summation of ‘progressive’ splits with Nader are factually incorrect and mythical in nature. The fact that more Democrats voted for Bush in 2000 doesn’t seem to register with people coupled with the fact that who is to say that 8 years of Gore would have been any better. It’s not like we all knew 9/11 was going to happen and even if Gore was president, it still would have happened. Hindsight is nice, but rarely puts things into proper perspective. Also, the Democrats in Congress voted for the “Bush Wars”. People are so eager to forget that. It’s not like Bush just took the army and invaded a country without majority Congressional approval. And then when they found out the info was wrong, did they fix it? Did they repeal the Patriot act? did they impeach the President? nope. We elected a Democratic president in hopes to fix all this. Did the wars end? Did Guantanamo prison close? nope. It still there. We are still in Iraq, still in Afghanistan, & now it’s looking like Syria will be next.

    Progressive are screaming that we want clean air and water, jobs, single payer health care, student bail outs instead of bank bail outs, no more wars, equity and social justice, and Clinton is basically giving us all the finger. Her transition chief is Pro-TPP & Pro-Fracking, two of the major points of Sander’s campaign. Progressives are just sick and tired of the “oh it will get better next time ::boom:: ok maybe next time ::boom:: oh..well maybe this next time ::boom::” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Many of the progressives are just fed up with the rest of America not grasping that concept and that those running the country are in it only for themselves and their sycophants.

    I hate to tell you this, but settling for Clinton or any ‘lesser evil’ will not get us closer to a better country. It does the exact opposite, because in the end we have people who keep saying to themselves and others: “oh, it will get better next time.” – spoiler alert – it won’t.

  4. TJ on August 17th, 2016 12:10 pm

    What a very timely and important article that is not at all two months overdue.

  5. Brooklyn Vinson on August 17th, 2016 12:53 pm

    Whoever moderates the comments (especially if it is Dyer) is an unethical coward for not allowing my earlier comment, which was within the commenting guidelines in every way, to post.

  6. Sandra Desorgher on August 17th, 2016 1:46 pm

    “Democracy is the person with the most votes winning”. Election fraud is very real and you cannot state with certainty that Bernie Sanders did not have more votes than HRC. The SuperPac have stopped funding HRC because according to peer reviewed research less than 6% of Americans rely on Main Stream Media ‘MSM ‘for reporting unbiased and truthful news and information.
    Unable to watch comes as the message in negative Clinton related social media news – just as we learn that the NSA was hacked. Looks like it was taken down is the message FB users now get when they try to open youtube and social media videos which have anti-Clinton news. Of course the MSM is reporting that the NSA was hacked. I wonder who had the NSA hacked, surely not the same people who perpetrated the election fraud. The same person who has said she is recruiting illegal aliens as volunteers – shouldn’t she know that it is ILLEGAL for an illegal alien to volunteer in America. For many of our illegal aliens they were legally here waiting for their green cards which takes a long time, about a year. And, maybe they got hungry or their sponsor could not afford to feed and house them and they got a job – so their status changes from legal to illegal just because they got a job. Does the president read? Does it make him an accomplice to allow the democratic party to maintain their candidate elect when she is breaking immigration law as part of her campaign? We they have seen the real polls that show who the social media people want for president and they aren’t getting their news from main stream media. hacked off

  7. fatalreview on August 17th, 2016 2:06 pm

    what BS-Saunders campaign went way beyond this race -it is a political revolution that is NOT going away-the 99% now know just how f-ed up and corrupt ALL our government is right now and that while we still have a vote we need to start the change-his success in the primaries only solidified the future to believe in-the powers he disturbed and shone a light on all are falling over themselves to push the message that he lost so its over-BUT that is simply not true-I see this URL is perpetuating that lie-anyone who was against Saunders was really just stabbing their own eye-just like how if we dare eliminate Mickey D’s and soda pop all the lemmings would be squealing and frothing for the right to slowly poison themselves and turn into big blubbery cash cows to the system-you can lead a human to truth but you sure can make him see if he is a victim of blind faith and social manipulation-nice of your to write an article to make all the lemmings feel secure about being used as a commodity again-and to keep milling around in their brain dead routines

  8. grassroot on August 17th, 2016 2:07 pm

    And Ol’ Hill must, be our next POTUS , as B.O. was foisted upon us by the Globalist Left.

  9. HRivera on August 17th, 2016 5:16 pm

    I am proud of the Bernie Sanders delegates who protested at the DNC. I am equally proud of the many who marched outside. Protesting TPP, Wars for Oil and Fracking is something Progressives do. The Neo-Liberal Dem Party chants “USA” instead, sounding more like Nationalist Republicans.

    The #DNCLeaks were very clear. We who supported Bernie were taken for a ride by the supposedly-neutral DNC. There is absolutely no way I can support such corruption.


  10. Jacoby on August 18th, 2016 5:21 pm

    I wonder if Clinton voters understand what they’re doing when they use language like this. That’s no way to get party unity. Shame on you, Andrew.

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