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Letter: College Republicans call on women to “take control of their own lives”

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Daily Aztec commentator Talia Raoufpur is understandably frustrated by this election. For many of us at SDSU, this is the first Presidential election that we can vote in. Both candidates have terrible records of interacting with other women, not just Donald Trump. How can one question the party’s values towards women just by the way one person speaks? Instead, conservative values call for women to take control of their own lives, make their own decisions, and take responsibility for their actions, which will determine the amount of their success.

Trump’s ascension was upheld by his supporters. If you voted for him in the primary, hold yourself accountable but do not blame the GOP as a whole for weak policies regarding women’s rights if you helped nominate Trump this year.

Also, it is unknown where Talia got 18 percent of women membership of our club. Our master list of nearly 120 current SDSU College Republicans reveals there are roughly 40 women. Therefore, roughly 30 percent of our membership consists of strong, conservative women.

Our club does not represent Talia, Kelsey, or Audreys’ points of view because they were never members in the first place. (Kelsey Donahue and Audrey Block were quoted in Raoufpur’s piece. –Ed.) They never went to meetings despite being contacted repeatedly. For Talia to write a letter without ever walking a precinct, making a call on behalf of a candidate, nor specifically reaching out to women to join our club but not show up herself is absurd.

The American citizens and Republican voters are the leaders that define the direction of the GOP and this country. Whereas our club consists of modern conservatives who might resonate their concerns, Talia should put her money where her mouth is and step up.

Vanessa McGoldrick

Publication: The Daily Aztec, San Diego State University

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2 Responses to “Letter: College Republicans call on women to “take control of their own lives””

  1. Norma Gutin on October 26th, 2016 12:04 pm

    Go Talia!
    Without her posts, we never know that your Organization exists! Now you are in the map!
    Deplorables for Trump!

  2. Sam on October 27th, 2016 9:46 pm

    TRUMP 2016 🙂

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