Letter to the Editor: No shame in voting for Trump

by Breeana Leyva, English junior

Sydney Sweeney’s article “Why do Millennials back Trump?” is saturated in her emotions, rather than any facts.

One of these claims which Sweeney states is that anyone who agrees with conservative values is preserving “a systematically discriminatory government.”  Yet ironically, all the racial tensions we see bubbling out on the street are happening under a “POC” Democratic leader.

Sweeney also claims that college Trump supporters are “cis-gender, straight, white…and raised in comfortable homes.”  Yet here I am, a POC woman who has lived below the poverty line for the entirety of my life, fully backing Trump.

Why is it that we have to rationalize our support for our Republican candidate?

Why is it that many Clinton supports seem to not mention the fact that she has taken millions of dollars from countries which murder members of the L.G.B.T community?

These “email habits,” as Sweeney naively calls them, were the reason that Americans died in Benghazi. Her being under three concurrent F.B.I investigations should be enough to raise some eyebrows, and make you reconsider your vote.

I am a proud second generation American. I know that if I went anywhere else, I would not have the same opportunities that I have here.

Why has it become such a taboo to say that we love our country? Our country has given us the right to be able to have varying opinions, yet many people want to silence those that do not prescribe to their own way of thinking. 

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