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Bowling for Soup spills about new album

by Allie Daugherty

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Courtesy of Jason Janick

The Daily Aztec: Some of the songs on the new album seem like angry love songs or aimed toward other women. Where does this inspiration come from, considering you’re married?
Erik Chandler: Well, we haven’t always been married, and we never forget …

DA: When will Bowling for Soup come to San Diego again?
EC: We’ll be touring the West Coast starting in August.

DA: Which song on “Fishin’ For Woos” is your favorite, and why?
EC: “Turbulence” is my personal favorite. Having not written it, I don’t mind saying that it is just one of those perfectly crafted rock ballads, lyrically and musically.

DA: What’s your favorite memory from recording the album?
EC: Probably when we blew up the second recording rig in two days … that’s the moment when you say “It’s all uphill from here.”

DA: How has BFS managed to stay as an active band for more than 16 years, while many others break up after a short period of time?
EC: First of all, we truly enjoy what we do. But mostly it’s that we actually like each other, enjoy each other’s company. We’re closer than family and that means a ton!

DA: What prompted BFS to end its relationship with Jive Records?
EC: We actually tried to get out of our contract several years ago with no success. They actually ended it … we cheered. Finally we were in the position we’d been trying to get to for quite some time. They just never really understood us. And by “they” I mean a few very important “theys”… we still have some great friends there.

DA: How do you balance your time with BFS and all your other projects?
EC: It’s not a matter of balancing so much as it is making good use of the time that BFS is not working.

DA: In your mind, how does “FFW” compare to the other albums you’ve created?
EC: I think that the core sound remains true to the spirit of BFS. At the same time, we explored a little different territory. But in the end, we made the best-sounding album we’ve ever done.

DA: Why is BFS the greatest rock band ever?
EC: I dare anyone to come to a show, give it a chance and leave without a smile.

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