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Library resources should be fully utilized

The dome of the SDSU library.

The dome of the SDSU library.

Victor Beck

Victor Beck

The dome of the SDSU library.

by Kasey Foster, Contributor

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Almost every San Diego State student has tried to maneuver their way through the library. Some end up avoiding the area. However, the library should be utilized more often.

Its appearance and space is outdated. But, the Love Library is equipped to aid every student in some way. The library has staff on site to help with things such as printing and tech issues, and to help students find what they need.

There is an array of tools waiting to be utilized, such as course reserves, where many of the textbooks used for class are made available. As long as the professor provides a copy to the library, it’ll be there.

Students can check out up to 100 books at a time — though it is unlikely they’ll need to.

There are also media centers, group study rooms, writing and learning centers, a quiet study area and a computing hub. Love library has projectors, cameras and GoPro’s available for any student to check out.

There is so much technology and resources waiting for students to use, but not many seem to know much about it.

The library is seen as an outdated source. Many think of it in terms of a place to check out and return a book, or as a place to study.

However, moves are being made to reach the students and show them the importance of the library.

Attempts are being made to update the physical structure of the library. The library wants to fill itself with innovative technology and intrigue students so they’ll utilize the space. There are two student positions working with the media and communications officer for the library. These students were brought on to focus on social media and outreach efforts to connect all student audiences to the library. They work with student associations and organizations to notify them with details regarding events of interest or the emergence of a new resource.

The Love Library is an important resource for all students. Although some progress needs to be made in order for it to seem a modern resource, students should utilize it to its full potential.

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One Response to “Library resources should be fully utilized”

  1. Robin Luny on October 25th, 2017 3:45 pm

    We are lucky to have a library which works to invite, honor, and help students do their best work. Kudos to all who want to strengthen the holdings, on line presence, and services for today’s students. Those of us from earlier generations loved our library and want the same for you. Aztec for Life Alumna

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