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Student’s life-changing accident leads to 2 CBD companies

Ayman Dandashi displaying CBD oils.

Ayman Dandashi displaying CBD oils.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Ayman Dandashi displaying CBD oils.

by Kelly Kerrigan, Staff Writer

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After Ayman Dandashi severed all his nerves, tendons and ulnar artery in his right arm in a life-threatening accident, he had no choice but to turn to another solution for his pain.

While most people are prescribed to take opioid painkillers and anti-epileptic drugs, Dandashi said he had allergic reactions and terrible mental side effects from the drugs.

That’s when he discovered cannabidiol, better known as CBD oil.

“CBD oil immediately helped me with my nerve pain and inflammation, and after two weeks of using it I even developed a new sense of mental clarity and motivation to recover as fast as possible,” Dandashi, an international business junior, said.  “I was told that it would take one to two years to get full range of motion in my hand. I got full range of motion back at six months and now my sensation is slowly coming back as well. I learned more and more about CBD and its benefits over time and I wanted everybody to find a natural alternative that actually works for any mental or physical issues.”

Dandashi shared his experience with two friends, communications junior Jackson Dean and economics and accounting junior Scott Smith. When the two friends tried CBD oil for themselves, they also said they found  benefits from the oil.

That led the three of them to create their own companies, CBDaily Solutions and Chill Brew Coffee.

CBDaily Solutions sells CBD oil and topicals online featuring different flavors and providing customers with many uses for the oil. Chill Brew Coffee is CBD-infused cold brew coffee, helping customers drink the cannabidiol.

The oil is safe to use on all humans and animals and the health benefits are endless. Some of these benefits include help fight anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, inflammation, mood imbalances and more. CBD is 15 times more anti-inflammatory than ibuprofen. It also can help with chronic illness’ such as diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy and even cancer. In addition to the oil customers can purchase a salve made with Shea butter and essential oils that can help with sore muscles, achy joints and scars.

Each of the young entrepreneurs said they use the oil for their own personal reasons.“I use CBD oil in many different ways, but I have to mention how much it has helped me with insomnia and not being able to sleep at night,” Smith said. “On the other side of it I am very lethargic in the morning from a sleeping disorder. CBD helps take away the nausea and brain fog in the morning.”

Dean, on the other hand, said he takes CBD oil every day because it “can be incredibly effective against preventing chronic diseases and disorders that might develop later in life so I do my best to take it as often as possible.”

Individuals can use the oil by taking two drops daily or mixing it into smoothies, juice or any other cooking.

Customers can purchase this natural oil online through their website or through their instagram page @cbdailysolutions. At the moment the trio is selling Chill Brew Coffee at the Ocean Beach farmers market on Wednesdays and through their instagram @ChillBrewCoffee, but home to have the coffee in stores soon.

An earlier, unedited version of this story was originally posted by mistake. The Daily Aztec regrets the error.

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One Response to “Student’s life-changing accident leads to 2 CBD companies”

  1. David on August 24th, 2018 11:03 am

    People who take CBD can still fail a drug test. A quick google search could have told you that. There’s other misinformation in this article. Perhaps a bit more research before writing about things that involve the health of others is a good idea.

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