White nationalist hate groups spread flyers, stickers on campus

by Kaitlyn Little, News Editor

A campus-wide email sent on Thursday afternoon informed the San Diego State community that white nationalist hate groups had spread flyers and stickers around campus. 

The email, sent by Chief Diversity Officer J. Luke Wood and Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs Christy Samarkos, said at some point last night or this morning, flyers and stickers were posted around the campus. 

The materials specifically targeted the Women’s Resource Center and the Pride Center on the southern end of campus. There was also at least one flyer found in a Daily Aztec newsstand.

The materials promote the ideologies of white nationalist hate groups and are similar to those that have been found on different campuses across America. One flyer specifically denounced communist ideologies.

“While free speech is constitutionally protected, for this particular matter, the flyers violated San Diego State University’s Buildings and Grounds policy and are being removed,” the email said.

The university denounced the hatred and intolerance of the flyers and stickers, while recognizing the value of respecting diversity and inclusion. 

Some support services offered on campus include Counseling and Psychological Services and the Employee Assistance Program. The email also said Dean of Students Randy Timm is available for students who may need help.

“We know we are most productive and innovative when we are able to come together and work together in acknowledgement of our diverse experiences, social identities, religious and spiritual affiliations and political alignment,” the email said. “We unitedly proclaim that we will not allow hatred to divide us.” 

Additionally, the email encourages the collective responsibility of ensuring a safe campus environment. People may report suspicious activity to the University Police by calling (619) 594-1991 or submit an anonymous, non-urgent tip by emailing PoliceInvestigations@SDSU.edu.

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