Students react to new SDSU football tailgate regulations


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New tailgating regulations require groups of 25 or more to register three days before the game.

by Daniel Guerrero, Staff Writer

San Diego State’s recent changes to pregame football tailgates at SDCCU Stadium have students rethinking their decision to take part in a long-standing football tradition. 

The tailgating regulations, first announced in October 2018, require groups of 25 or more to register three days before the game. These new regulations were first announced in a university-wide email prior to SDSU football’s homecoming game versus San Jose State last year.

“Students and recognized student organizations with more than 25 people in attendance are required to register for tailgating,” the email stated. 

Some students say the tailgate atmosphere has been lackluster since the new rules were implemented, and that they would think twice about going.

Groups that register to tailgate will be designated assigned spaces. Groups and fans are also encouraged to follow the Fan Code of Conduct policy, rules that include a list of items prohibited from SDCCU Stadium and may prevent intoxicated fans from entering the game. 

Marketing junior Josh Moran said  this season’s first football game felt different compared to games he attended in 2018 due to the new policy.

“(Tailgating) was a noticeable change from last year,” he said. “I definitely saw smaller groups tailgating and not as big of groups as before.”

Moran said the regulations are sensible if the SDSU aims to prevent tailgating from getting out of hand at future games.

“I don’t mind the new changes,” Moran said. “The tailgates can get kind of rowdy and out of hand, so I can see why the new changes would be introduced.” 

Business management freshman Adrian Ramirez said the news rules would make him think twice about tailgating before an Aztec game.

“Looking from it on the outside, it makes sense for the school to introduce these new rules,” Ramirez said. “I haven’t been to a game this year, but the rules would factor in my decision making if I did go with a large group.” 

Recognized student organizations with groups of more than 25 people are required to register their organization online three business days prior to attending the game and fill out an “Athletics Risk Management Form.” The registration form is accessible via

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