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San Diego State finds itself caught in the middle between county and state over county COVID-19 case rate

This sign is one of many markers that separates campus from College Area neighborhoods where SDSU students that make up the majority of positive cases associated with the university live.

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief

September 16, 2020

On Wednesday, San Diego State reported 37 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students and 9 new probable cases. Since Aug. 24 there have been 722 confirmed and probable cases associated with SDSU. The increase in cases has thrust the university further in the middle of what could become a sta...

San Diego State to test all on-campus residents, implement surveillance testing program

San Diego State to test all on-campus residents, implement surveillance testing program

by Brenden Tuccinardi and Katelynn Robinson

September 15, 2020

All students living on-campus at San Diego State are now required to be tested for COVID-19, the university announced in a campus-wide email Sept. 15, the same day the university reported 19 confirmed cases and nine probable cases of COVID-19. The total number of confirmed and probable cases associated w...

Letter from the editor: A lot has changed, but we’re still here

The Daily Aztec newsroom in the basement of the Education and Business Administration building.

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief

September 15, 2020

There are so many reminders of the old normal that have made living in the new normal even harder. Up until a week before the start of the semester, the March 11 issue of The Daily Aztec was still sitting in newsstands. From where I stand today, it’s funny to look back at the headlines from that we...

How to manage your mental health while taking online classes

Los Servicios de Consejería y Psicología ofrecen recursos de salud mental en línea y por teléfono, mientras que las clases siguen siendo virtuales.

by Kiana Sujishi, Contributor

September 14, 2020

Due to concerns over COVID-19, San Diego State is providing a majority of its instruction online for the fall semester. For many, the transition from in-person classes to remote learning is an isolating and stressful experience.  In addition to the uncertainty of the pandemic and the current political ...

Spring 2021 will be primarily online, CSU announces

Spring 2021 will be primarily online, CSU announces

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief

September 10, 2020

California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White answered the question at the back of every student, faculty and staff member’s mind regarding next semester. In a press release Thursday, White announced that all 23 CSU campuses will continue with primarily virtual instruction in Spring 2021.  “This decision is the only responsib...

SDSU nears 400 confirmed COVID-19 cases in first two weeks

This graph shows the number of confirmed/probable COVID-19 cases among SDSU student.

by Patrick Doyle, Staff Writer

September 8, 2020

San Diego State has confirmed 396 positive cases of COVID-19 across the on- and off-campus student population since the start of the semester two weeks ago. On Tuesday alone, the number of confirmed cases increased by 110, and four new probable cases were identified, bringing the total number of confirmed a...

Mountain West Conference postpones and cancels fall sports, affecting San Diego State athletics

September 8, 2020

The Daily Aztec sports editor Kyle Betz covers everything you need to know so far about the Mountain West Conference postponing and canceling fall sports, including comments from San Diego State athletic director JD Wicker, women’s soccer senior forward Chloe Frisch and football senior offensive lin...

University extends ‘stay at home’ order until Sept. 14

SDSU students living on campus are encouraged to only leave their residence for essential activities like food, medical appointments and work.

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief

September 7, 2020

At the close of the holiday weekend, San Diego State extended a “stay at home” order for on-campus residents and a COVID-19 Advisory for students living in the College Area.  The stay at home order began on Sept. 5 and was originally slated to end on Sept. 8 at 6 a.m. Now students living in on-campus dorms and apartments will be required to stay in their residences, save for essent...

SDSU issues ‘stay at home’ order to on-campus residents

File Photo

by Jeanette Giovanniello, Staff Writer

September 6, 2020

In light of the holiday weekend, San Diego State has issued a “Stay at Home” order to all students living in on-campus housing.  In an email sent out this morning, the university announced that the order will go into effect on Sept. 5 at 10 p.m. until Sept. 8 at 6 a.m. The order comes a day...

BREAKING: 120 new positive COVID-19 cases reported among SDSU students

File photo.

by Katelynn Robinson, Assistant News Editor

September 4, 2020

San Diego State confirmed an additional 120 COVID-19 cases on Sept. 4 following the announcement of a declared outbreak within the community’s undergraduate population.  The 120 newly confirmed cases are among students living both on and off-campus. In total there have been 184 COVID-19 cases wi...

Two weeks and 64 cases later, San Diego State pauses in-person instruction

Two weeks and 64 cases later, San Diego State pauses in-person instruction

by Jadyn Brandt, News Editor

September 2, 2020

Two weeks and 64 confirmed and positive coronavirus cases into the semester, San Diego State has placed a four-week moratorium on in-person instruction, moving approximately 200 additional courses to a fully online format.  “The university is aware of probable cases and while the majority of these ...

Editorial: This pandemic is killing people and derailing lives but by all means party on, Aztecs

Students and administration have a dual responsibility to safeguard public health. Both have failed in recent days, but together we can turn things around.

by The Editorial Board

September 1, 2020

There are a lot expletives we could use to describe the current situation the San Diego State community now finds itself in, but we think you can figure them out for yourselves. 64 new cases in 10 days. The Editorial Board at The Daily Aztec is disappointed but not at all surprised. Before the semester...