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DA Preplay – Arizona State University Game

September 9, 2017

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Daily Aztec Sports presents a preview of SDSU's game against Arizona State University, to be played on September 9, 2017 at...

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Students affirm their support for the DACA program, which the Trump administration has announced it will be discontinuing.

SDSU students rally against DACA decision

by Amber Nelson, Contributor // September 8, 2017

Dozens of San Diego State students participated in a rally against the termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in front of Hepner...

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Defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales coaches during a fall 2017 practice.

Gonzales continues career climb

by Mayer Pohlod, Staff Writer // September 6, 2017

  During his seven years as head coach, Rocky Long has built San Diego State’s football program up to one of national recognition, culminating...

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San Diego State football scrimmages in front of an empty Qualcomm crowd.

SDSU needs its own stadium

by Joe Faria, Staff Columnist // August 23, 2017

San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, also known as “The Q,” opened in 1967 and has served as the home for the then San Diego Chargers, San Diego Padres...

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An aerial view of Qualcomm Stadium.

SoccerCity faces many challenges ahead of 2018 special election

by Mary York, Digital Sports Editor // August 23, 2017

Three trolley stops away from campus, nestled in Mission Valley, is the sports icon of San Diego: Qualcomm Stadium. For more than half a century, the...

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San Diego State football scrimmages in front of an empty Qualcomm crowd.

SDSU would benefit from shared stadium with MLS

by Mayer Pohlod, Staff Columnist // August 23, 2017

After the newly-dubbed Los Angeles Chargers bolted Qualcomm Stadium for Carson, California, San Diego State quickly turned around with the slogan “One...

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A member of The Show, SDSU's famed student section, cheers during a basketball game in the 2016-17 season.

New student’s guide to SDSU athletics

by Zach Engberg, Sports Editor // August 23, 2017

Starting school at San Diego State is already a daunting experience. Finding classrooms, jobs and the motivation to go to class is hard enough, much less...

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Redshirt freshman receiver Isiah Macklin hauls in a touchdown reception during SDSU's Fan Fest.

Freshmen shine at football Fan Fest

by Kyle Saunders, Staff Columnist // August 23, 2017

It was a beautiful day for preseason football at Qualcomm Stadium as the San Diego State football team held its annual Fan Fest, where fans came out to...

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File photo

Adjusting to SDSU and college

by Nicole Badgley, Staff Writer // August 22, 2017

As a new student at San Diego State, there are plenty of adjustments that each freshman must face and conquer during their first semester as Aztecs. However,...

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Un mes en México no es suficiente

Un mes en México no es suficiente

by Elizabeth Barboza, Escritora // August 16, 2017

Abordé el avión hacia la Ciudad de México un martes 20 de diciembre con una maleta má pesada que yo.  Pensaba que a lo mejor había tomado la peor...

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Letter: SDSU students should tell Governor to fund CSUs to avoid tuition hike

May 8, 2017

California’s governor and state legislators are making decisions right now that will have a direct impact on what it will cost you to get a college degree. Students...

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NASCAR looks for SDSU football athletes to man pit crews

NASCAR looks for SDSU football athletes to man pit crews

by Andrea Lopez-Villafana and Jocelyn Moran // May 5, 2017

In football, it’s the team’s job to do everything in its power to prevent the other team from getting to the quarterback. They work in high stress...

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