The Daily Aztec

2013-2014 Staff

Kelly Smiley

Photo Editor

Alek Sanchez

Staff Writer

Alek is a business administration senior, with an emphasis in management information systems, but don't...

Jamie Ballard

Managing Editor

Jamie Ballard is the managing editor of The Daily Aztec for 2016-17. She has been a member of The Daily...

Emely Navarro

News Editor

Emely Navarro is journalism major with a minor in Spanish. She has been with The Daily Aztec since fall...

Anthony Berteaux

Assistant Opinion Editor

Hayley Spence

Staff Writer

Nancy Kirk

Staff Writer

Rebekah Haynes

Staff Writer

Josselyn Molina

Staff Writer

Courtney Brown

Staff Writer

David Dixon

Staff Writer

Since, 2005, when he became a writer for the now defunct Rated G column at the San Diego Union Tribune,...

Ryo Miyauchi

Asst. Arts & Lifestyle Editor

Adriana Millar

Assistant News Editor

Adriana Millar is a senior studying communications at San Diego State. She is the Assistant News Editor...

Ali Isenberg

Staff Writer

Ali Isenberg is a sophomore studying journalism with an emphasis in public relations from the San Fernando...

Alicia Chavez

Senior Staff Writer

Alicia Chavez is a senior staff writer for the features section at The Daily Aztec. She has been contributing...

Sarah Smith

Assistant Photo Editor

Sarah Smith is a senior at San Diego State University seeking a bachelor’s degree in the performing...

Christine Whitman

Arts and Culture Editor

Christine Whitman is the arts and culture editor for The Daily Aztec for the 2016-17 academic year. She...

Kristian Carreon

Senior Staff Photographer

Quinn Owen

News Editor

Quinn is the The Daily Aztec's News Editor.  Prior to this role, he helped manage social media and...

Matthew Bain

Managing Editor

Matthew Bain is the managing editor for The Daily Aztec. He’s a senior journalism major with the Honors...

Megan Wood

Photo Editor

Megan is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism at SDSU. She is currently the photo editor at The...

KC Stanfield

Assistant Opinion Editor

KC has been writing for the Daily Aztec since 2014. He is a journalism senior and plans to graduate spring...

Olivia Litsey

Arts & Lifestyle Editor

Olivia Litsey is a sophomore at SDSU and an economics pre-major with an honors minor in interdisciplinary...

Kristian Ibarra

Sports Editor

Kristian Ibarra is the sports editor at The Daily Aztec. He's a journalism senior minoring in rhetoric...

Elpin Keshishzadeh

Opinion Editor

Elpin has been with The Daily Aztec since 2013. Prior to her editorship position, she was a copy editor...

Nick Knott

Entertainment Editor

Nick is a journalism senior and in his second year at the Daily Aztec.  After starting as a staff writer...

Chelsea Baer

Staff Writer

Chelsea Baer is a journalism junior with a minor in Spanish. She started as a features staff writer in...

Kelly Hillock

Editor in Chief

Kelly Hillock is the editor in chief for The Daily Aztec for the 2015-16 academic year. She is a senior...

Jenna Mackey

Photo editor

Jenna Mackey has been taking photos for The Daily Aztec since 2012 and became the Photo Editor in 2014....

Madison Hopkins

Managing Editor

Madison Hopkins is a senior at SDSU studying journalism and women's studies. She has worked with The...

Monica Linzmeier

Editor in Chief

Monica Linzmeier has worked for The Daily Aztec since 2011 serving as a photographer, writer, photo editor...