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Catlan is a fourth-year studying Journalism with a minor in Sustainability from Stockton, CA. She has a passion for graphic design, music, art and the environment. Twitter @CatlanNguyen
Editor in Chief

Catlan Nguyen

Catlan is a fourth-year double majoring in Journalism and Sustainability from Stockton, CA. She has a...

Photo provided by Trinity Bland.
Managing Editor

Trinity Bland

Trinity Bland is a senior studying film with an emphasis in television, Spanish and journalism from Washington,...

Photo provided by Brian Arnold.
Advertising Director

Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold is a senior studying business management and entrepreneurship. 

Photo provided by Katelynn Robinson.
News Editor

Katelynn Robinson

Katelynn Robinson is a junior studying journalism and political science. 

Jason Freund
Sports Editor

Jason Freund

Jason Freund is a journalism major from Santee, Calif. He hopes to become a sports journalist for a Ma...

Andrew Finley
Assistant Sports Editor

Andrew Finley

Andrew Finley is 22 years old and was born and raised in Ramona, Calif. where he resides today. He is...

Photo provided by Ryan Hardison.
Arts & Culture Editor

Ryan Hardison

Ryan Hardison is a senior studying journalism, sociology and history.

Photo provided by Cristina Lombardo.
Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

Cristina Lombardo

Cristina Lombardo is a senior studying journalism.

Photo provided by Aaliyah Alexander.
Opinion Editor

Aaliyah Alexander

Aaliyah Alexander is a junior studying journalism and international studies. 

Photo provided by Noé Sandoval.
Mundo Azteca Editor

Noé Sandoval

Noé Sandoval is a senior studying public relations.

Photo provided by Karina Bazarte.
Assistant Mundo Azteca Editor

Karina Bazarte

Karina Bazarte is a senior studying journalism and Spanish. 

Photo provided by Amanda Orozco
Social Media Editor

Amanda Orozco

Amanda Orozco is a senior studying journalism and media studies.

Photo provided by Noelani Sapla.
Photo Editor

Noelani Sapla

Noelani Sapla is a senior studying liberal studies.

Photo provided by Hemen Mesfin.
Graphics Editor

Hemen Mesfin

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mesfin and has been living in San Diego for a while and is excited to b...

Photo provided by Mackenzie Stafford.
Multimedia Editor

Mackenzie Stafford

Photo provided by Jayne Yutig.
Assistant Multimedia Editor

Jayne Yutig

Jayne Yutig is a senior studying journalism.

Staff Writer

Adam Correa

Staff Writer

Sydney Digrazia

Student Media Coordinator

Kurt Kroeber

Kurt is the Student Media Coordinator for The Daily Aztec as well as KCR. He can be reached at