The Daily Aztec

Debates heat up for VP candidates

by Alejandra Paz

March 14, 2012

Last Tuesday at noon, Associated Students vice presidential debates were held in front of Hepner Hall. This included the vice president of external affairs, finance and university affairs positions. Vice president of finance...

AS presidential hopefuls speak (Rob O’Keefe)

by Staff

March 13, 2012

Associated Students presidential candidate Rob O’Keefe currently serves as the A.S. vice president of finance. The Lafayette native is majoring in political science with a minor in business marketing. San Diego State wasn’t O...

The Daily Aztec makes its A.S. endorsements

by Chris Pocock

March 13, 2012

Like many of the organizations on campus, one of the responsibilities of The Daily Aztec is to endorse candidates for office as Associated Students executives. The next year will be pivotal to the future of San Diego State, not...