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Let’s support reproductive healthcare

by Sam Mason, Contributor // November 6, 2019

Attending a public university in California, I am quite lucky. Not only am I lucky enough to have access to an education, diverse campus and academic resources,...

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It’s time for universities to support abortion care on campus

by Talia Kieu, Contributor // September 25, 2019

Throughout my three years at San Diego State, I have been deeply committed to educating my peers on sexual health and reproductive freedom. I have spent...

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The Trump administration’s gag rule is unethical and must be overturned

by Catherine Van Weele, Opinion Editor // September 11, 2019

Earlier this year, the Trump administration made changes to Title X, prohibiting medical clinics from referring patients to abortion services. Health care...

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Women, our independence is in jeopardy…again.

by Kemi Giwa, Opinion Editor // September 26, 2018

With all the chaos upending Washington right now, the topic of abortion and the status of Roe v. Wade is quickly recentering itself and becoming the topic...

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Students gather in front of a graphic anti-abortion display in the middle of campus.

Activists raise abortion display near Hepner

by Bella Ross, Senior Staff Writer // May 1, 2018

A pro-life group called the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform hosted an expansive display of graphic photos of unborn children outside of Hepner Hall on May...

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SDSU Women and Politics Working Group panel talk women's rights, election

SDSU Women and Politics Working Group panel talk women’s rights, election

by Jocelyn Moran, Staff Writer // April 13, 2016

Issues revolving around the 2016 presidential election, including immigration, women’s rights and the importance of political involvement, were discussed...

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